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Make Management More Efficient

It is now undeniable.

The future of oil refining and the wider chemical industry lies in digital transformation and emerging intelligent technologies. Indeed, from cloud computing and big data to Artificial Intelligence (AI) and advanced networking, secure, green, and smart refineries — characterized by far more efficient management — are now only possible through the deployment of state-of-the-art Information and Communications Technology (ICT).

The direction of travel is clear.

Smart Refining Solution

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Smart Refinery Campus

By integrating multiple platforms, standards, and security systems, production processes are significantly streamlined — as well as secured — boosting the profitability of operations. All of this requires a single, integrated digital platform: just such a platform lies at the core of Huawei's Smart Refinery Campus Solution, which combines a full suite of ICT solutions, including a video cloud, the Internet of Things (IoT), 5G, cloud computing, big data, and AI.
Built from extensive experience working with domestic players as well as key industry partners, the solution allows enterprises engaged in refining to converge data and information to better and more safely manage production and the overall campus environment. The solution is also designed to anticipate and better handle emergencies, build up assurance systems, and boost energy efficiency in both office and production spaces. By linking systems business-wide on this digital platform, powerful analysis and prediction services also become possible, with centralized management and control effectively accelerating digital transformation.