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    Remote Control of Electric Shovel Operations

    Make the working environment safer, more comfortable, and easier to maintain.


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Remote Control of Electric Shovel Operations

The working environment of an open-pit mine is notoriously harsh, prone to extreme temperature changes, dust, noise, and more. And while this adds up to an uncomfortable workplace, safety risks are also traditionally considered to be high, with accidents due to human error likely to have very serious results, halting production and impacting efficiency. All of this makes it challenging, to say the least, to recruit a new generation of workforce, posing a very real existential threat.
Huawei's 5G-enabled Remote Control of Electric Shovel Operations helps mining enterprises build a far safer, more comfortable — and therefore more attractive — workplace that is also easier to maintain.

Gain the Edge

Active Tuning

Easy Maintenance

Real-time collection, monitoring, and analytics of equipment running data helps to implement smart Operations and Maintenance (O&M).

Continuous Security


Intelligent equipment realizes remote and automatic control, reducing on-field workforce requirements and improving the intrinsic safety of mines.

Interactive Collaboration

More Comfortable

The shift to remote operations radically improves the working environment and the conditions that the workforce face. Mining suddenly becomes a far more attractive proposition.


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