• Intelligent Store Management of Huawei Retail Stores


This picture shows you inside Huawei’s first of many high-end retail shops in China, providing a unique immersive experience. The innovative retail space covers an area of 800 square meters.


Huawei’s newest retail shopping area is quite large, with a range of valuable products proudly on display. Opening and closing the shop takes a quite long time.

  • The space itself is hard to rearrange, so it is quite a task to create a superb shopping experience for customers.
  • Security during non-business hours requires state-of-the art protection, and emergencies must be responded to quickly.
  • Other shops are expected to be located in different places, and the operating status of large power devices is not always unknown in advance.

  • Solution

    Huawei’s retail shop utilizes several of Huawei’s Enterprise products and solutions in order to showcase the retail items, such as a cloud-based system with sensors interconnected to an Internet of Things (IoT) management infrastructure. These products and solutions provide the following:

  • Intelligent temperature adjustment is possible, which also controls 38 fan coil units.
  • Intelligent brightness adjustment now controls the store’s lighting and five-meter high French doors.
  • All display screens within a store can be powered on with just one click.
  • The shop’s valuable retail products are protected by a night intrusion detection system, dynamic onsite cameras, and other measures for comprehensive store protection.
  • Centralized Operations and Maintenance (O&M) of network devices assist in making sure the room temperature inside the facilities is comfortable for shoppers and that the doors can be automatically managed.

  • Benefits

    All of these intelligent features ensure the most superb shopping experience for customers, which is also environment-friendly with greener energy-savings. The stores are protected 24/7.

    With a cloud solution, any security incidents and electrical abnormalities are handled immediately. Huawei’s cloud-based network and IoT management improves work efficiency and reduces operational costs for the retail spaces.