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Future-Proofing Transmission Networks

The construction of power transmission communications networks faces a growing list of challenges, from diverse power service requirements to the ever increasing standards needed for security and reliability. In addition, since traditional Time Division Multiplexing (TDM) and new Internet Protocol (IP) services need to be carried at the same time, complex communication interfaces and problematic Operations and Maintenance (O&M) often plague substations. Plus, for Ultra-High Voltage (UHV) ultra-long-haul transmission, an ultra-long-haul communications network is essential.

Huawei's Multi-Service Optical Transport Network (MS-OTN) devices are designed to meet all of these industry challenges, bringing high security, high reliability, and low latency to power transmission communications networks that have to carry dispatching telephone, differential relay protection, Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA), and office automation services.

An overview diagram of Huawei's Converged MS-OTN Solution for Power Transmission and Transformation

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  • Network Simplification,
    Lower O&M Difficulty

    • 4-in-1 MS-OTN 4-in-1, unified access of multiple services, lowering O&M costs and complexity.
    • Future-proofed high bandwidth: 48 Tbit/s per fiber.

  • High Security and Low Latency,
    Designed for Differential Relay Protection

    • Dedicated hard pipes, realizing zero congestion and zero packet loss.
    • Guaranteed low latency.

  • Ultra-Long Transmission,
    Regenerator Site Savings

    • Ultra-long single span, up to 450 km.
    • Up to 6000 km of 100G transmission without electrical regenerator.

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