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Integrated Video Site PowerCube 500

Huawei's Integrated Video Site Solution PowerCube 500 is widely used in Smart City projects. It can be deployed along highways, railways, high-voltage transmission lines, and oil pipelines, solving video backhaul and power supply problems and allowing the agile deployment of control networks.

The PowerCube500 is pre-integrated with network backhaul and power supply systems to ensure power supply, network access, ingress protection, surge protection, temperature control, anti-theft, and more for outdoor video sites. It supports hybrid use of grid and solar power, wired and wireless transmissions, and adapts to all video site scenarios. The solution offers remote network management and app-based local operation, enabling intelligent Operation and Maintenance (O&M) of the video network with easier video site deployments and timely status updates.



Product Model PC500-300H1 EG8084P-300H1 PC500-300G1 EG8084P-300G1 EG6P-150G1
Scenario Solar Hybrid Grid Grid
(without backup)
20Ah Lithium Battery (CBM20E)
(with sunshield)
(W × D × H)
300 × 165 × 570mm 248 × 90
× 435mm
300 × 165
× 570mm
(with sunshield)
16kg 6 kg 20 kg
Network Backhaul Ethernet/GPON/microwave GPON/XGS-PON/10G GPON Ethernet/GPON/microwave GPON/XGS-PON/10G GPON Wired (Ethernet/GPON)
Wireless (microwave)
Network Interfaces 2 × SFP (GE, GPON)
5 × GE (POE/POE+/POE++)
1 × GE 
7 × GE
2 × SFP (GE, GPON)
5 × GE (POE/POE+/POE++)
1 × GE 
7 × GE
2 × GE 
4 × GE
Input Voltage Grid: Single-phase 220 V AC/dual-live wire 110 V AC
Solar: 24-130Vdc
Single-phase 220 V AC/dual-live-wire 110 V AC Single-phase 220 V AC 48 V DC
Output Voltage 12 V DC, 24 V AC, PoE/PoE+/PoE++ 48 V DC
Rate Output Capacity 150 W 150 W 150 W
Protection Rating IP 65 IP 55 IP 65
Operating Temperature Range -40℃ to 55℃ -40℃ to 55℃ -40℃ to 55℃

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