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Huawei Certification Notice

    1. From December 31, 2021 onwards, HCIA/HCIP/HCIE Routing and Switching will change to HCIA/HCIP/HCIE Datacom 

    For HCIP-Datacom Exam, you need to pass 2 paper before being able to get the certification. (HCIP-Datacom Core Technology HCIP-Datacom-Advanced Routing & Switching)

    2. If you are unable to find the training/exam that you would like to attend/take, you make look under Partner Enablement Tab -> Self-Study to take a look at the online course materials. 

    3. Do look under the FAQ tab for information regarding Identity Verification, Exam Voucher, Cyber Security and Service Norms Exam, HCSX-Sales Exam, Huawei Certification Armory

    For More Assistance

    If you face any problems while registering do send an email to or send a WhatsApp to +65 90635974

Partner Enablement

Upcoming Webinar
22 Sept

(Post-sales) Delivery Service

Live Webinar: Consistency of Delivery Service | |
13 Oct

(Post-sales) Data-Storage

Live Webinar:Common Faults Occurred in FusionCube Installation Process and Typical Case Sharing |
20 Oct

(Post-sales) Data-Storage

Live Webinar:Common Faults Occurred in FusionCube Initialization Process and Typical Case Sharing |
24 Oct

(Pre-sales) IP-DCN & POC

Certificate Training Camp:Huawei Overseas Pre-sales Partner DCN&POC Training Camp (2022.10) |
10 Nov

(Post-sales) Datacom

Live Webinar: NCE-Campus Scenario Planning, Deployment, and Maintenance introduction |
Upcoming Training
11-13 Oct



HCIA-Datacom Exam Preparation Class

10-14 Oct

HCIP-Datacom Core Technology

14 Oct

HCIA-Datacom Exam Preparation Class

14-18 Nov

HCIP-Datacom Advanced Routing & Switching

Upcoming Exam
14 Oct


14 Oct

HCIE-Datacom (Written)

14 Oct

HCSA-Presales-Digital Power

21 Oct


24 Oct

HCIP-Datacom Core Technology

28 Nov

HCIP-Datacom Advanced Routing & Switching

14 Dec


Post-Sales Certification


Data Center

HCIA-Data Center

HCIP-Data Center

HCIE-Data Center

HCIA-Data Center Facility

HCIP-Data Center Deployment

HCIE-Data Center Facility Design

Enterprise Communication

HCIA-Video Conference

HCIP-Video Conference

HCIE-Enterprise Communication

Intelligent Computing

HCIA-Intelligent Computing

HCIP-Intelligent Computing

HCIE-Intelligent Computing







HCIP-Datacom Core Technology

HCIP-Datacom Advanced Routing & Switching








Intelligent Vision

HCIA-Intelligent Vision

HCIP-Intelligent Vison



Pre-Sales Certification
Data Communication

HCSA-Presales-IP Network

HCSP-Presales-IP Network

Transmission & Access

HCSA-Presales-Transmission & Access

HCSP-Presales-Transmission & Access

Enterprise IT


HCSA-Presales-Intelligent Collaboration

Digital Power

HCSA-Presales-Digital Power

HCSP-Presales-Digital Power


HCSA-Presales-Smart PV

HCSP-Presales-Smart PV

Enterprise Services





Sales Certification
Data Communication

HCSA-Sales-IP Network

Transmission & Access

HCSA-Sales-Transmission & Access

Enterprise IT


HCSA-Sales-Intelligent Collaboration


HCSA-Sales-Smart PV

O&M Case e-Journal

  • Issue 21:Intelligent Collaboration & Intelligent Vision

    •Local hard disk space usage exceeds the threshold a on RSE6500

    •Account and contacts status are abnormal on TE desktop

    •Failed to configure tour track on iClient with system error 189116006

    •Troubleshooting for metadata subscription failures on IVS

  • Issue 20: Access Network

    •The NCE-FAN management plane reports a high I/O alarm

    •Failed to back up data on NCE-FAN (SaaS)

    •Only subnet information is returned after using the NCE-FAN TL1 command

    •The OLT fails to load the ONT configuration file

  • Issue 19: Storage

    •The vulnerability assessment tool detects that the Dorado V6 is using weak cipher

    •How much physical space is used by LUN with the deduplication

    •The cables between controllers fail to pass the check during controller expansion

    •Failed to add an AD domain on the storage page

  • Issue 18: Cloud Computing

    •Using rescue mode to repair CNS file systems

    •Browser Access is still not secure after the certificate is replaced on ManageOne

    •No backup task is generated after automatic backup policy scheduling

    •Failure to import eSight license in Huawei Cloud Stack

  • Issue 17: Transmission Network

    •Failed to create extended ECC when both ends work in Autosensing mode

    •OSN 9800 U32 is offline due to the changed NE ID

    •NE data backup fails due to the incorrect DC account

    •The OPM8 cannot scan a wavelength

  • Issue 16: Data Communication

    •Route learning fails because OSPF routers IDs conflicts in different areas

    •Possible causes and solutions for license activation failure

    •Undirectional IPSec VPN

    •OSPF route spreads failed due to loop-prevention mechanism

  • Issue 15: Intelligent Collaboration & Intelligent Vision

    • The user is not logged in(03873259114001)

    • The alarm snapshot does not exist

    • The site name is displayed in the center and cannot be adjusted

    • Failed to register a terminal with the SC

  • Issue 14: Access Network

    • PPPoE dial-up failure for users connected to an MA5800

    • End users cannot access specific service platforms through voice dialing

    • Call failures on the ONT connected to a SmartAX MA5A5800-X7

    • The management IP address of the AP connected to the OLT cannot be pinged from the core switch

  • Issue 13: Storage

    • Check capacity utilization on OceanStor 9000 V5

    • OceanStor Dorado 18000 V6.0.1 upgrade case

    • Logs that need to be collected for centralized storage changes

    • OceanStor Dorado 18000 V6 active-active data reduction ratios

  • Issue 12: Cloud Computing

    • FusionCompute web responds too slowly

    • Frequent FusionCompute login failures

    • Troubleshooting the VM startup failure

    • Failed to execute the FusionCare 0BS3.0 automatic acceptance task

  • Issue 11: Transmission Network

    • The optical module is not working because the service status is disabled

    • he OD fails to be created when the G2HSC1 board is used as the optical monitoring board

    • How to check the version matching with WDM network

    • How to verify whether the physical and logical fiber connections are correct

  • Issue 10: Data Communication

    • Only half of the IPv4 and IPv6 permit any redirection traffic to take effect on an NE20E-S8

    • Optical port interconnection on NE40E-X8A is off

    • Portal authentication of wired users fails

    • The NMS cannot manage the device

  • Issue 9: Intelligent Collaboration & Intelligent Vision

    • Backup recording interrupted

    • No alarm is reported by the third-party alarm platform

    • When the NTP server is modified, the system prompts that the DCG/SCU is offline

    • Cannot upload iClient to CSP

  • Issue 8: Access Network

    • Pava system cannot works in GPON network due to unknown packets suppressed

    • The OLT cannot be added to NCE

    • There is a possibility that IPv6 users on the MA5600T fail to download apps

    • GPON access network illegal rogue ONT means that this ONT is broken

  • Issue 7: Storage & Server

    • How can I collect RAID logs

    • How to transfer files and folders between two Linux servers

    • How to handle performance problem on controllers C and D

    • The flash usage of the FC switch is insufficient

  • Issue 6: Cloud Computing

    • Insufficient resources during license import

    • The account may be locked in the LiteAD scenario if LAN Management is set as NTLM in the Windows Group Policy

    • Failed to associate a project with a region

    • Failed to install VMtools

    • Failed to migrate VM

  • Issue 5: Transmission Network

    • ECC storm troubleshooting and preventive measures

    • SDH services fail to be created on an OSN1800V, error code 43888

    • How to test the availability of E1 services

    • Rate-limiting on PW and tunnel

  • Issue 4: Data Communication

    • Unable to log into device via console interface

    • IPSec negotiation with a third-party device fails

    • The AP fails to go online

    • Cannot ping firewall's IP address

    • IP address conflicts

  • Issue 3: Intelligent Collaboration & Intelligent Vision

    • Failed to search for cameras on iClient

    • Black screen occurs on third-party camera due to long RTP packets

    • How to activate IdeaHub on SMC 3.0

    • IdeaHub cannot invoke built-in microphone in the OPS system

  • Issue 2: Access Network

    • ONT port mapping

    • Cannot access ONT WiFi

    • The SIP registration period of the ONT is invalid

  • Issue 1: Storage and Server

    • The storage device reports 'Average CPU utilization exceeded the threshold'

    • Applying for and importing a license

    • Error 'SYSLinus 3.86' is reported when the 2288H V5 server is restarted

    • Communication between the iBMC and RAID card is abnormal on the E9000 Server

    • Failed to configure a static IP address for Ubuntu

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. 1. What are the required steps to be done before registering for Trainings/Exams?

  2. You would need to create a HuaweiID in the link here, completed identity verification and the HuaweiID to be associated with your company.

    For a more detailed guide, you may click on the links below

    Identity Verification:
    Exam Voucher:

  3. 2. How do I complete my identity verification?

  4. From June 2021, everyone would have to complete identity verification in the link here before being able to be issued an exam voucher.

    For a more detailed guide, you may click on the link below.

  5. 3. Why have I yet to receive an exam voucher after registering for the exam?

  6. For Huawei's partners, you would need to associate your HuaweiID account to your company in the link here and get the related staff of your company to approve the association.

    Do also note that exam vouchers are issued 7 days before the date of the exam.

    For a more detailed guide, you may click on the link below.

  7. 4. Why have I yet to receive any training confirmation after registering? 

  8. The training information will be sent the week before the start of training, if you have not received any email the day before the start of the training, do email us at 

  9. 5. Where do I take the Cyber Security and Service Norms Exam?

  10. The exam does not require exam voucher. Just click the link below to take the Cyber Security and Service Norms Exam.

  11. 6. Where can I register to take the Huawei Certification Sales Exam (HCSX-Sales Exam)?

  12. The exam does not require exam voucher, there is no need to fill up the google form. Just click the link below to pre-book the exam.

  13. 7. Where can I find Huawei Certification Armory?

  14. Huawei Certification Armory is a google drive file and is a zip file which consists of training materials, mock exam, lab guide, and online course etc. (wherever applicable).

    It is a link to documents for Post-sales (HCIA, HCIP, HCIE, and HCS-Field), Pre-sales (HCSA-Presales, HCSP-Presales), Sales (HCSA) and Cyber Security and Service Norms Exam.

  15. 8. For More Assistance

  16. If you face any problems while registering do send an email to or send a WhatsApp to +65 90635974

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