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Huawei Launched the Industry's 1st "SOCC" Unified Disaster Recovery Portfolio Solution for Business Continuity and Perceptionless Recovery


[Barcelona, Spain, March 2, 2023] At the Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2023, Huawei launched the industry's first unified disaster recovery portfolio solution based on Storage & Optical Connection Coordination (SOCC). This portfolio solution integrates storage and optical transmission products to ensure that key businesses of enterprise customers are always online.

Disaster recovery is designed to minimize data loss in production systems and prevent business disruption in the event of a catastrophe, like a fire or earthquake. For some enterprises, especially those in key industries like finance, government, and electric power, business system disruption is simply not acceptable. For these businesses, even short disruptions cause irreversible loss and significantly adverse effects to user experience. Disaster recovery capabilities are a huge concern for enterprises seeking to build their own data centers.

However, the traditional DR solution always needs to face three challenges:

• The distance between data centers needs to be within 50 km to keep the best performance.

• During the transaction, any network jitter can cause data loss, and the service downtime could exceed 2 minutes when recovering from the jitter.

• In traditional DR service, each application can have a maximum of 1,000 manual DR scripts to be executed, which is very complicated in management.

Huawei's unified disaster recovery product portfolio solution is designed to address these challenges by optimizing E2E active-active data center latency and improving the storage and optical detection and sensing mechanism. It also comes equipped with disaster recovery management tools that help customers simplify management and ensure their businesses remain online.

• 2X the industry's average site selection distance: The E2E latency of active-active DCs has been optimized to push physical limits, ensuring that the I/O latency of 100 km does not exceed 2 ms.

• More stable DC interconnection: The portfolio solution based on SOCC is 60 times faster than traditional solutions, implementing an I/O switchover in about 2s when optical links experience jitter or are disconnected.

• 6X disaster recovery management efficiency: The intelligent disaster recovery management platform (iDRP) supports visualized and automatic views, customized drill plans and reports, and cross-platform heterogeneous disaster recovery.

Unified Disaster Recovery Portfolio Solution Launch

Michael Qiu, President of Global Data Center Marketing & Solution Sales Dept from Huawei Enterprise BG explained, "Huawei's unified disaster recovery solution portfolio helps enterprise customers get rid of the limitations of traditional disaster recovery solutions and ensures continuous interconnection between data centers. The risks of business interruption due to latency are significantly minimized, ensuring business continuity and a smooth experience of core businesses in key industry sectors like finance and government."

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