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Turn On the Smart Grid

Always connected, always on, the world’s appetite for power shows little sign of abating — indeed, it will inevitably grow. Managing this scenario will be complex: the solution cannot only rely on sustainable power generation — renewables, like solar and wind — but will also require methods of distribution and ways of consumption that are much, much smarter.

Huawei’s IT infrastructure provides efficient, secure management of electrical utilities from generation to distribution. It’s time to turn on the smart grid.

  • Power Distribution Automation Communications

  • Power Transmission Communications Network

  • FusionSolar Smart PV

  • Using Innovation to Create New Revenue Streams

Power Distribution Automation Communications

Retrofit legacy grids using cutting-edge xPON and LTE technologies, to modernize them with intelligent distribution.

Power Transmission Communications Network

Combined TDM/IP communications infrastructure can provide a variety of advanced services and safeguard against multiple points of failure.

FusionSolar Smart PV

Innovating the entire lifecycle of PV power generation, making it smarter, safer, and more efficient.

Using Innovation to Create New Revenue Streams

Monetize surplus power grid resources, increasing profit and improving efficiency.

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