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Huawei Computing Industry Strategy

Huawei keeps investing in the computing industry with a strategy that focuses on four key areas.
• Architecture innovation: Huawei invests intensively in basic research and has launched the Da Vinci architecture, an innovative processor architecture designed to unlock robust, affordable computing power.
• Investment in all-scenario processors: The processor families include the Kunpeng processors for general computing, Ascend processors for AI, Kirin processors for smart devices, and Honghu processors for smart screens.
• A clear business sphere: Huawei will not sell its processors directly. Instead, Huawei will provide them to customers in the form of cloud services, and to partners in the form of components, prioritizing support for integrated solutions.
• An open ecosystem: In the next five years, Huawei will invest USD1.5 billion in the developer program, supporting five million developers and enabling partners worldwide to develop the next-generation intelligent applications and solutions.

Intelligent Management Software

Leverages the built-in intelligent management chip for intelligent asset, version, deployment, fault, and energy efficiency management, fueling transformation from general-purpose servers to intelligent servers.

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