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    Enterprise Cloud Video Conferencing Solution

    Manage conferences on multiple apps together, to build informatized enterprises.


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Enterprise Cloud Video Conferencing Solution

The enterprise cloud video conferencing solution integrates multiple types of conference platforms and endpoints to provide one-stop digital conference services, including unified authentication, scheduling, and management, as well as conference booking and O&M. This simple, efficient conferencing experience helps implement all-scenario connections anytime, anywhere, and greatly improves office and organization efficiency during collaboration.


Unified on-cloud productivity tools for secure, smart video connectivity and greater organizational efficiency

High Integration

Unified and efficient

Unified display and management of platforms and endpoints from different vendors, as well as meeting rooms, for a consistent experience covering reserving, joining, and managing conferences

Safety authentication

Advanced and reliable

Hierarchical media assurance and multi-level backup, for stable conference streaming

0010 fusion load


Clear display and communication driven by 4K and AI through various types of endpoints

Deployment Automation


All-in-one monitoring and O&M of devices from multiple vendors, as well as office OA integration, and easy conference scheduling and participation


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vp9860a t 02 product

HUAWEI VP9800A-T Series 4K Media Engine

Supporting H.265 4K30, with full encoding, decoding, and multi-stream forwarding capabilities, Huawei VP9800A-T series Multi-Point Control Unit (MCU) is a fully convergent media engine. Using H.265 Screen Content Coding (SCC) — a brand new High Definition (HD) codec that supports a resolution of up to 4K for online conferences — VP9800A-T integrates video, audio, presentations, and data to enable seamless communication and collaboration. It supports resource pool management, backup among MCUs in a resource pool, and backup between resource pools, delivering high quality conference experiences.

smc3 overview pc

HUAWEI SMC Video Conferencing Service Management System

Huawei Service Management Center (SMC) is a next-generation video conferencing management system. It supports easy-to-use conference management and control, visualized O&M, and unified scheduling and management of video conference devices and media resources on the entire network. Its service-oriented architecture features high performance, large capacity, and elastic scaling, meeting the needs of video conferences at different scales.

rse8800a 02 product

HUAWEI RSE8800A 4K Recording & Streaming Engine

RSE8800A is Huawei's next generation 4K recording and streaming engine that supports H.265 4K30 dual-stream Ultra-High-Definition (UHD) recording, livestreaming, Video On Demand (VOD), and mobile viewing. Offering high performance, stability, and reliability, RSE8800A is central to delivering high-quality videoconferencing services in a wide range of industries.


HUAWEI CloudLink Box 310/610 Ultra-HD Video Conferencing Endpoint

HUAWEI CloudLink Box 310 and CloudLink Box 610 are next-gen ultra-HD video conferencing endpoints built on Huawei's proprietary core technologies and high-computing hardware platform architecture. The Box 310 and Box 610 are equipped with H.265 4K dual-stream audio and video media processing capabilities and extensive audiovisual ports. It is compatible with a variety of cameras and display devices for meeting rooms of all sizes.

CloudLink Bar300

HUAWEI CloudLink Bar 300 Integrated UHD Videoconferencing Endpoint

CloudLink Bar 300 is Huawei’s next generation, integrated Ultra-High-Definition (UHD) videoconferencing endpoint with a built-in camera, microphone array, and HD codecs. Its dual lens design — featuring a "smart eye" and a Full-High-Definition (FHD) main lens with up to 12x optical zoom — intelligently achieves an optimized view of participants, capturing 1080p video and 4K content. As such, CloudLink Bar 300 is a great addition to small- and medium-sized conference rooms.

tp3206 70 g2

HUAWEI TP G2 Series Immersive Telepresence Systems

Huawei's TP G2 Series is a next generation telepresence system that integrates cutting-edge Huawei codecs and technologies, including image fusion technology, a proprietary panoramic camera, and three 65- or 70-inch screens. With six meeting participants visualized in a single row, and 14–18 meeting participants displayed over two rows, effective communication for business meetings is ensured.


HUAWEI CloudLink Kit

Huawei CloudLink Kit provides open, easy-to-use, and quickly-integrated Software Development Kits (SDKs) that flexibly integrate with third-party apps and web platforms to enable audio and video optimization and help ensure that security and trustworthiness requirements are met.

cloudlink camera overview pc

HUAWEI CloudLink Camera 200 4K Ultra-HD Camera

HUAWEI CloudLink Camera 200 is a next-generation 4K UHD PTZ camera that works with Huawei's UHD video conferencing endpoint range or cloud-registered soft clients, creating an unprecedented video conferencing experience.

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