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    Digital Meeting Room Solution

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Digital Meeting Room Solution

The Huawei Digital Meeting Room solution leverages the HUAWEI IdeaHub as its core component to create a fully functional meeting room. The solution combines the functionalities of a display, speaker, microphone, whiteboard, meeting system, and projection. By installing cloud meeting applications or seamlessly integrating with professional video meeting solutions, it provides users with stylish, user-friendly, and highly efficient meeting room experience. This solution is suitable for various scenarios, including upgrading traditional meeting rooms, establishing new meeting rooms, and deploying in open areas and office spaces to enhance the efficiency of daily meetings, regular sessions, and group discussions.


110 high integration

Diverse application scenarios

• Local workshops, administrative meetings,
and online meetings in executive offices or meeting rooms

terminals entire network

Superb experience

• 4K meeting
• Collaboration between the IdeaHub and personal devices

Rapid Deployment

Simplified O&M

• Self-service detection and reporting of software and hardware faults
• IdeaManager for centralized batch management of endpoints

Secure and reliable

• Common Criteria (CC) Evaluation Assurance Level 5 Augmented (EAL5+) for commercial systems
• Commercial use for key customers


Huawei's digital meeting room solution harnesses the functionalities of the IdeaHub. In small to medium-sized meeting rooms, a single IdeaHub can act as an all-in-one replacement for monitors, projectors, speakers, microphones, and whiteboards. The user interface and operation of the IdeaHub mimic those of mobile phones or tablets, facilitating intuitive and interactive meetings while reducing the need for multiple devices and associated maintenance costs. By downloading the appropriate cloud meeting application, a local meeting room can be easily upgraded to support remote meeting capabilities. For larger meeting rooms or specialized settings, additional equipment such as projectors, meeting endpoint, and external microphones can be integrated to further enhance the overall meeting experience.

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