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    OceanStor Dorado 5000/6000

    Mid-range all-flash storage for critical enterprise services.


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OceanStor Dorado 5000/6000

Huawei OceanStor Dorado 5000 and 6000 are the next generation of mid-range all-flash storage systems. They are designed to meet the major concerns of high availability, utilization, and usability for medium and large enterprises, offering huge storage capacity and quick data access.

The systems are built on proprietary flagship hardware and FLASHLINK® intelligent algorithms — purpose-built for flash media. The systems also adopt end-to-end Non-Volatile Memory Express (NVMe) architecture, and inherit the intelligence and efficiency and the high reliability of the Smart and Hyper series respectively for always-on critical services. In addition, they comprise a built-in intelligent accelerator module —an industry first — to make storage more intelligent during application operations.

OceanStor Dorado 5000 and 6000 excel in database, virtualization, and big data analytics scenarios, making them well-suited to industries such as carrier, finance, government, and manufacturing.


Model OceanStor Dorado 5000 OceanStor Dorado 6000
Hardware Specifications
Maximum Number of Controllers 32* 32*
System Cache 256 GB–8 TB 1–24 TB*
Supported Interface Protocols FC, iSCSI, NFS, CIFS, FC-NVMe, NVMe over RoCE, NDMP, S3*, NFS over RDMA
Front-End Port Types 8/16/32 Gbps FC/FC-NVMe and 10/25/40/100 Gbps Ethernet, 25/100Gbps NVMe over RoCE/NFS over RDMA
Back-End Port Types 100G RDMA/SAS 3.0
Maximum Number of
Hot-Swappable I/O
Modules per Controller Enclosure
12 12
Maximum Number of
Front-End Ports per
Controller Enclosure
48 48
Maximum Number of SSDs 3200 4800
Supported SSDs 1.92TB/3.84TB/7.68TB/15.36TB/30.72TB palm-sized NVMe SSD
960GB/1.92TB/3.84TB/7.68TB/15.36TB* SAS SSD
Number of LUNs 16,384 32,768
Supported SCM 800GB/1.6TB*
Software Specifications
Supported RAID Levels
RAID 5, RAID 6, RAID 10*, and RAID-TP (tolerates simultaneous failure of 3 SSDs)
Value-Added Features
  • SmartDedupe
  • SmartCompression
  • SmartVirtualization
  • SmartMigration
  • SmartQos(SAN&NAS)
  • SmartThin
  • SmartQuota(NAS)
  • SmartMulti-Tenant(SAN&NAS)
  • SmartCache
  • SmartTier
  • SmartMigration for NAS
  • SmartMobility*
  • SmartMove(NAS)
  • HyperSnap(SAN&NAS)
  • HyperClone(SAN&NAS)
  • HyperCDP(SAN&NAS)
  • HyperReplication(SAN&NAS)
  • HyperMetro(SAN&NAS)
  • HyperLock(NAS)
  • HyperDetect(NAS)*
  • HyperEncryption(SAN&NAS)
  • HyperLink(SAN&NAS)
  • CloudBackup(NAS)*
  • CloudVxLAN(NAS)
Storage Management Software DeviceManager, UltraPath, NFS+ and DME IQ

*Please contact Huawei sales representatives for more information.