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    Huawei OptiXstar K562


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OptiXstar K562

Huawei OptiXstar K562

Huawei OptiXstar K562 is a dual-band edge Optical Network Terminal (ONT) that supports gigabit access for both Wi-Fi 6 and GE network ports. Embedded AI (eAI) acceleration enhances the online experience for diverse value-added services, from gaming to education and teleconferencing.

Intelligent Acceleration

Innovative eAI eliminates frame freezing in online gaming and in other education and home office services.

Converged Policies

Seamless Roaming

Multiple devices form one meshed network, with Wi-Fi parameters intelligently synchronized to form a unified network.

Most Diverse CPE Types

Superior Performance

High bandwidth, with 160 MHz frequency delivering a maximum air interface rate of 3000 Mbit/s.


Parameters Huawei OptiXstar K562
Dimensions Panel: 117 x 117 x 146 mm
Weight Approximately 700 g
Operating Temperature 0–40°C
Operating Humidity 5–95% RH (non-condensing)
AC Input 100–240 V AC, 50/60 Hz
System Power Supply 12 V DC, 1 A
Max Power Consumption 12 W
NNI Wi-Fi or GE
UNI Wi-Fi uplink: 3 x GE + 2.4G & 5G Wi-Fi 6
GE uplink: 2 x GE + 2.4 G & 5G Wi-Fi 6
Installation Mode On the desk
Antenna Type 6 x internal antennas
Supported Protocol IEEE 802.11 ax (2.4G & 5G)
MIMO 2x2 MIMO (2.4G & 5G)
Basic Features Wi-Fi Multimedia (WMM), Beamforming, Band steering, 1024-QAM, 160 MHz channel width, WPA3, and DL MU MIMO.
Premium Wi-Fi  • eAI automatically identifies online games, education, and teleconferencing services;
• Plug and play;
• One-click pairing and automatic networking;
• Automatic Wi-Fi configuration synchronization;
• Wi-Fi channel optimization within the home network;
• Wi-Fi roaming (802.11k/802.11v) within the home network*;
• VR/4K over Wi-Fi;
• Remote management and maintenance.

*Supported when the Station (STA) supports 802.11k or 802.11v.