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FusionModule800 Smart Small Data Center

FusionModule800  3.0 Smart Small Data Center is a new-generation data center solution.  It is suitable for Finance, Education, Health Care, Public Security, SMEs, Retailing & Merchandising, Edge DC, etc.

It is integrated with PDU, UPS, monitoring , cooling and rack system in converged  rack in order to save space.

IT racks can be deployed flexibly on both sides. A single module can support maximum12 racks and 25kW IT load (T3: IT Load≤21kW), the maximum power density for each rack is 7kW/ R(T3:≤6kW). Cold and hot aisle containment to saving Energy and reduce noise.

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    Huawei Small Data Center, Help Small equipment room of ICBC Ahieving the Big wisdom

    Huawei small-scale intelligent modular data center is deployed to solve the problem of low integration of main equipment in the equipment room, independent components, large area of equipment room, high rent, and standardized construction of branches in batches.



Item FusionModule800 Smart Small Data Center
Total Dimensions (H×W×D mm)   Single-row /Cold and hot aisle containment 
Number of Cabinets in a Single Module Single-row: ≤ 12 (quantity of IT cabinets: 0 to 10)
ICT total load ≤ 25 kW
Power Density of a Single Cabinet ≤7kW(T1&LT), ≤6kW(T3)
Power system   380/400/415Vac, 50Hz, 3Ph+N+PE  
Reliability Tier I or Tier II
Installation Methods Can be installed directly on a cement floor, can also be installed on a raised height floor
Cooling Air conditioner(12.5 kW/pcs)
Power backup mode Battery cabinet, battery pack, or battery rack

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