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    Krirk Realizes its Smart University Vision with HUAWEI IdeaHub

It's clear. Modern society demands new skills from its workforce. And with Huawei's support, Krirk University is equipping students with the practical knowledge they need to succeed and grow.

Since its establishment in 1952, Krirk University, named for its founder, Dr. Krirk Mangkhlaphrik, has become one of the most highly regarded private universities in Thailand. With a range of well-respected faculties and colleges — from the Faculty of Business Administration and the Faculty of Liberal Arts and Law, to the China International Language and Culture College — the university has stayed true to its core goal: to equip students with the practical knowledge they need, to better prepare them for the realities of daily work and life.

Stated simply, modern society demands new skills from its workforce. And it's the role of universities to inspire young minds and teach them these skills. With this in mind, Krirk University has partnered with several distinguished higher education institutions, both domestic and international, to create a strong network of shared knowledge that benefits students and society as a whole. Its long-term mission is to stay ahead of the curve, preparing comprehensive courses that are applicable to a constantly transforming world.

Bridging the Educational Gap with Remote Learning

Under its smart campus initiative, Krirk University places emphasis on developing effective online learning courses, with no compromise in terms of quality. Through its e-learning platform, the university offers a wide range of online courses for undergraduate and postgraduate students. However, to improve online engagement, the university sought an integrated solution that could enhance the productivity and quality of its e-learning programs, while supporting smooth collaboration between teachers and students.

HUAWEI IdeaHub Elevates Learning to the Next Level

To develop an innovative learning environment, Krirk University recognized Huawei as an ideal partner, thanks to its extensive experience as a global Information and Communications Technology (ICT) provider. Taking into account the university's requirements, to build a smart campus that supports remote education, Huawei proposed its smart education solution — HUAWEI IdeaHub — that supports learning from anywhere, at any time.

HUAWEI IdeaHub is an intelligent device that helps academic campuses around the world transform and embrace collaborative e-learning. The product combines diverse innovative functions, from an interactive whiteboard to a High Definition (HD) videoconferencing platform, to make learning more collaborative, interactive — and fun. Brainstorming is also made easier with wireless sharing, automatic file transfer, and intelligent writing recognition. And with support for 5G, professors and students can engage in immersive face-to-face discussions and collaborate in real-time, making it far easier to stay focused and motivated.

HUAWEI IdeaHub makes learning more collaborative, interactive — and fun.

Online Learning Means No One Gets Left Behind

HUAWEI IdeaHub is transforming education in physical and online classrooms, providing a smarter and more productive learning experience. Its unique features promote a creative approach to education, enhancing the experience for everyone. The device will also support Krirk University's future plan to establish a Learning Center Network in Thailand, providing a range of practical online courses to students eager to learn, nationwide.

"Integrating data, learning methods, and advanced technology in one smart device, IdeaHub is a real game changer for smart education in the digital era," said Dr. Krasae Chanawongse, President of Krirk University. "Professors and students can now engage in an interactive classroom, even when they are miles apart. With this intelligent tool, we can quickly set up a learning center from anywhere, promoting easier access to high quality education for all."