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    Consulting Planning and Talent Training

    Supporting the digital transformation of the coal industry.


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Digital Transformation Support

The world is encountering a new round of industrial transformation, with digitalization becoming the strategic consensus. A huge driver of this transformation trend is energy, given the world's major economies have announced net-zero carbon emissions goals.

In China, for example, coal is considered to be a stabilizer for the energy industry. The country is therefore looking to transform the production, operations, and management modes of coal enterprises, making full use of new Information and Communications Technology (ICT), including the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), cloud computing, big data, automation, and more.

Huawei's consulting services help coal customers implement digital transformation solutions from the top-level design to key implementation, facilitating collaboration between production management, business operations, and ecosystem development. These services also help coal enterprises comprehensively plan the digital transformation strategies so crucial to the industry going forward.

Gain the Edge

Simplified Network

Strategic Blueprint

Integration with relevant national economic regulation of industrial economic development to plan industry transformation strategies.

Overall Architecture

In-depth practice and application integration to design enterprise transformation architecture.

Automatic Service Provisioning

Capability System

Value-based, round-robin digital intelligence model enablement, reshaping the enterprise capability system.

Innovative Pipeline Technology

Transformation Pathway

Three-dimensional collaboration of business technology requirements to implement enterprise transformation paths.


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