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    Intelligent Substation Solution

    Boosting an intelligent substation with
    sensing interconnection, high intelligence, and lean management


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Intelligent Substation Solution

The intelligent substation solution utilizes video, AI, and network communication to improve data convergence, interaction, and intelligent analysis. This enhances production informatization and aligns with the trend of modern device management, ultimately facilitating the construction of intelligent substations.

The solution creates a WLAN access system for substations that is green, cost-effective, secure, and reliable. This system allows for the unified access of both wired and wireless terminals, which greatly enhances the O&M perception and management of substation devices. Additionally, the solution provides a powerful infrastructure platform that is compatible with mainstream algorithm operators. This platform supports various services, including remote video security, automatic inspection, and remote video conferencing. By utilizing these services, the labor intensity and operation risks of O&M personnel are effectively reduced.



O&M transformation

Enables comprehensive device status detection, panoramic substation environment monitoring, and remote intelligent inspection instead of manual inspection. This establishes unattended operations and centralized monitoring.

Active Tuning

Quick response

Don't miss any faults or potential risks with our intelligent operation confirmation and defect analysis functions. The solution also helps you understand the scope of any accidents, helping you quickly handle emergencies.

Cut Costs

Lower production costs

With simpler, more automated O&M, your staff will need to perform 70% fewer manual inspections, reducing the number of site visits, human resources, and vehicle costs.


The intelligent substation solution was constructed using the Spark architecture and utilizes the secure substation wireless LAN for connectivity. It offers centralized data access for online monitoring, remote inspection, and O&M management, while also improving device operation perception. Additionally, it supports various applications such as substation security, intelligent inspection, convergent communication, and digital twin through its high-performance infrastructure. This solution enables substations to achieve intelligent inspection, efficient O&M, and secure operation, ultimately leading to intelligent production and intensive management.

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