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    Electric Power Wireless Campus

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Electric Power Wireless Campus

With Huawei's Power Wireless Campus Solution, power companies can build cost-effective, secure, and reliable campus networks. These comprehensive networks cover IT and OT, relying on technologies such as IoT (UWB and RFID), Wi-Fi 6, SDN, SD-WAN, cloud, and AI.
Our networks cover every corner of your campus — office buildings, business halls, dispatching centers, power plants, and substations. Connections are entirely wireless, so employees, managers, service partners, and visitors enjoy seamless collaboration and communication. You can also agilely roll out cloud applications with a guaranteed experience.
Ultimately, the solution helps unleash full campus productivity — including contactless experience, safe operations, and efficient production.


End-to-end Networking

All-Wireless Networking

Your staff and inspection operators gain access to high-quality networking at all times. This is thanks to Wi-Fi 6, which delivers high-bandwidth, low latency, and lossless roaming. Meanwhile, you can save half on network construction costs due to integrated communication and sensing. Plus, we use SD-WAN to simplify the interconnection between your HQ and branches — resulting in one-hop cloud access on 5G, Internet, and MPLS links; this reduces private line costs by 40%.

Superior Performance

All-Intelligent O&M

You no longer need to worry about faults affecting your network experience. We have integrated big data analysis and machine learning algorithms, which intelligently identify potential problems among users, applications, and networks. In addition, Huawei's iMaster NCE-Campus uses root cause analysis and fault knowledge databases to locate WLAN, LAN, and WAN faults in minutes and provide immediate solutions.

Open Architecture

All-Cloud Management

Our power campus network is easier and cheaper to manage. Huawei iMaster NCE-Campus automates SDN for WAN, LAN, and WLAN, reducing the amount of time you spend on manually managing networks and configuring complex command lines. In fact, our solution slashes your O&M costs in half by automatically managing the entire lifecycle of networks — ranging from planning and construction to O&M and security.


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