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    MyNET Reinvents its Network with Huawei to Boost its B2B Business

Established in 1998, MyNET is an Austrian IT company that offers a wide range of IT services. With its headquarters located in Landeck, its primary market is within Austria, with core business operations covering cloud services, Internet services, and consulting.

Based on its rich experience in the IT industry, MyNET grasps the business development trends to offer customized solutions that meet market requirements. MyNET sets up and maintains its own data center and data communication infrastructure. It has established partnerships with various enterprises and gained customer satisfaction. MyNet customers are typically from the hospitality industry (think hotels and spas), the leisure industry (mountain railways, tourist agencies, and sporting goods retailers), and local enterprises such as media companies.

Fast business growth leads to network upgrade needs

MyNET bandwidth requirements grew exponentially because of geographic expansion and a growing customer base. One of MyNET’s key objectives was to reinvent its network infrastructure with the latest available solutions. Its outdated infrastructure led to very high financial costs, so MyNET urgently needed a high-quality alternative solution.

MyNET’s priority was to find the best solution available on the market, to build a cost-effective, long-lasting, flexible, and reliable network. But the company also required network migration with zero business disruption. Easy configuration of new equipment and immediate support from the vendor were similarly crucial.

MyNET and Huawei Cooperate

MyNET looked for a partner that could provide an effective solution in a short timeframe as well as support it in its efforts to improve cost-effectiveness and maximize Return On Investment (ROI). The company evaluated various vendors in an attempt to find one that could meet all requirements. After reviewing MyNET’s existing network infrastructure, the Huawei team proposed a solution that offered lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) allied to significantly improved network quality.

Huawei provided an extensive product portfolio and range of services, replacing the outdated devices with the latest intelligent routing switches: Huawei S Series Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) Metro Switches, Ethernet Demarcation Devices (CPE Switches), NE Series Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) Routers, and MPLS Edge Routers.

While MyNET chose Huawei as supplier for its MPLS metro access network because of the quality of its products and the competitiveness of its offer, the main reason behind its decision was a very simple one: experience. MyNET had already enjoyed an extremely reliable network experience with its Huawei legacy network, with zero significant downtime since its installation. Indeed, based on this record of accomplishment with Huawei, MyNET also chose to cooperate with Huawei on other network segments, including BGP routers for Internet peering.

“Huawei provided a suitable solution or product for each requirement or component to be replaced. We were very impressed by the size of the portfolio,” said Bernd Überbacher, Chief Operation Officer at MyNET.

“During the evaluation, Huawei strongly supported us in the migration process. The predominantly positive experience even led us to an originally unscheduled conclusion and allowed Huawei to operate in businesses, where we had not planned to switch manufacturers.”

Premium IP network drives new B2B revenue growth

With the digital transformation and cloudification of enterprises, the number of network connections and required bandwidth will increase exponentially. The Service Level Agreement (SLA) requirements for Internet services — such as online duration, availability, latency, flexible bandwidth, and self-service performance — are also inevitably rising. Huawei quickly responded to MyNET’s requirement to upgrade its network. Indeed, Huawei’s solution helped MyNET to meet the exacting needs of its own enterprise customers, helping the company to offer premium services in diverse industries, and driving the growth of B2B services.

Taking a broader view, over the lifetime of the network, Huawei’s solutions offer several major benefits to MyNET.

Crucially, the new network is easy to expand. The integrated solution has laid a strong foundation that will allow MyNET to continue its expansion plans across the region.

In addition, the new infrastructure is cost effective: MyNET’s Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) is slashed by 35%.

Meanwhile, user engagement is also improved. The new network has led to a 20% increase in end-users and a 70% increase in bandwidth for end customers.

The technical support that Huawei’s Global Technical Assistance Center (GTAC) provides is also a major advantage for MyNET. The Huawei support team provides 24/7 services, delivers fast expert assistance when responding to technical inquires, and efficiently resolves all post-sales issues.

Thanks to Huawei’s experts, tools, and verification labs, the migration from the legacy network to the new was performed without any interruption to ongoing business operations.

Huawei also provides an extensive training and certification program that allowed MyNET to efficiently develop its own staff. The MyNET IT team now has Huawei Certified ICT Associate (HCIA), Huawei Certified Pre-sales Associate (HCPA) and Huawei Certified ICT Expert (HCIE) certifications and is using the Huawei online training material to further develop its knowledge level.

Alongside its Communications Service Provider (CSP) and Internet Service Provider (ISP) core business, MyNET provides additional consulting services to other local and regional ISP companies. However, after successfully deploying Huawei’s solutions in its own infrastructure, MyNET began to promote them to other local and regional ISPs, even beginning to resell Huawei data communication infrastructure to its customers. MyNET was able to quickly expand this business in the IT equipment reselling market because Huawei’s solutions cover all end-customer requirements.

A “future-proof” network for the next decade

MyNET was impressed by the collaboration with Huawei. The successful implementation of Huawei’s solution means that MyNET is confident that its network is now future-proof, providing a solid foundation for future success.

“Due to successful migration in 2019, MyNET unanimously decided that Huawei will also re-establish the re-engineering and expansion for 2020. We mainly use routers of the NetEngine NE40E series and switches of the S6730 series. Besides, we want to focus on Huawei DWDM products in 2020, update existing DWDM components, and build a new extensive area network,” Überbacher said.

MyNET can now look to Huawei as a primary vendor — a vendor that can support its business growth with innovative, flexible, and cost-effective solutions. With Huawei’s solution in place, MyNET can smoothly expand its business and achieve its ambitious aims.