• Pea smart meeting room

    Huawei Modernizes PEA Headquarters’ Video Conferencing Facilities


Assisting PEA to Become a Next-Generation Enterprise and Thailand’s “Electric Utility of the Future”

Thailand’s Provincial Electricity Authority (PEA) is a government enterprise under the Ministry of Interior, responsible for providing effi cient, reliable electricity services to Thailand and neighboring countries. Entering its sixth decade of service, the organization would like to modernize its facilities to ensure excellent customer satisfaction under the concept “Electric Utility of the Future.”

PEA is modernizing its operations to prepare itself for the digital era, and embracing the changes in technology to face new challenges. Through digital transformation, it sets out to meet the expectations of its customers and to contribute to a better and more sustainable society.

Serving over 20 million households today, PEA’s strategy is to “elevate the workforce through innovation, while enhancing productivity through technology.”

Customer Requirements & Challenges

Professionalizing and Modernizing PEA’s Meeting Room with state-of-the-art Video Conferencing Technology

Under the state company’s “Digital Transformation - PEA DX” mission, PEA needed a smart meeting room that is modern and welcoming but at the same time, professional, easy to use and equipped with the latest digital technology. It wanted to use a mix of the most advanced equipment such as computers, projectors and other connected devices for presentations and communication activities with stakeholders.

This meeting room, which doubles as a conference space, is considered a very important area in the company’s headquarters. For this project, it was crucial to install high-efficiency, low-latency systems providing efficient, fast and flexible real-time solutions for individuals or groups to participate actively and simultaneously in meetings.

The PEA required a unified conference system to save time and resources, and enable brainstorming, analyzing, strategic planning and quick decision-making.


Upgrading the Meeting Room with the Latest Conference and Technical Capabilities

Huawei installed the VPT300, an intelligent tracking appliance that is equipped with two HD VPC600 video cameras. Using professional voice positioning and image analysis technologies, Huawei VPT300 enables automatic tracking of conference speakers and intelligent image adjustment without manual intervention. With Huawei VPT300, users can engage in more-effi cient meetings and have better video communication experiences.

The VPT300 includes the following features:

  • Automatic Voice Tracking and Image Recognition
    Based on real-time voice detection from an embedded microphone array, the VPT300 can track and capture close-up views of each speaker in a video conference
  • Intelligent Target Detection, Adaptive Panoramic Image Capture
    This feature enables the VPT300 to automatically zoom in and position speakers correctly in the video frame, and smart motion detection identifi es the movement of meeting participants and auto adjusts the camera to optimize panoramic images. It enables speaker auto-tracking, adaptive panoramic image capture and person-to-person conversation mode (P2P).
  • Person-to-Person Mode
    The VPT300 automatically recognizes dual-speaker conferences and displays participants in two panes on the screen. Versatile capture modes include auto-tracking, panoramic video, and manual settings to customize the sensitivity of image switching.
  • Plug and Play Air Presence Key
    This system can connect up to 200 locations simultaneously in one meeting. In addition, this enables all participants in the meeting room to wirelessly share content from their PCs with just one simple click, with no messy cables and additional plugs.

Customer Benefits
  • The new meeting room equipped with Huawei’s intelligent communication system has made a significant difference in the way the organization functions. Well informed decisions are made faster, saving on time, operation expenses (OPEX), etc.
  • Webinars and video conferences have replaced a signifi cant number of face-to face meetings.
  • The user-friendly communication system is accessible from anywhere, facilitating real-time meetings among the employees, offi cials and different stakeholders.