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Along with new retail and Internet services, consumer experience has become a core factor in commercial marketing, while digitalization has become an important means for retail enterprises to cope with changes and challenges. The key to data operation is to obtain, integrate, and analyze the data at each phase. Huawei commercial Wi-Fi solutions implement wireless network coverage and data acquisition in transaction scenarios, improving shopping experiences and enhancing customer loyalty. Big data technology integrates and analyzes data in each business phase to improve operational efficiency.

TDLBS cooperates with Huawei CloudCampus Solution to provide customers with commercial Wi-Fi solution, including customer segment analysis, Wi-Fi Location and social media authentication.


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EtoneSystem is committed to providing mobile Internet solutions that integrate wireless access control, wireless location, cloud computing, and big data mining technologies. Services include wireless access portals, big data mining and public security audits, indoor mapping and presentations, indoor location and navigation, advertisement and information pushing, customer flow analysis, customer profiling, and big data analytics.

In addition to providing high-quality Wi-Fi coverage for consumers in shopping malls, Huawei's joint solution with EtoneSystem provides consumers with accurate location and navigation services. The solution provides rich Wi-Fi data and high-precision location information to help shopping malls better understand their consumers, implement precision marketing, improve operating efficiency, and achieve success.


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Aislelabs provides customers with an advanced Wi-Fi location marketing, advertising, and analysis platform. Aislelabs' product suite implements data analysis based on guest information and allows businesses to learn about their consumer profiles, including their behaviors, interests, and consumption habits, helping enterprises achieve precision marketing and business success. Aislelabs' application platform seamlessly interconnects with Huawei's WLAN APs to provide customers with customized commercial Wi-Fi solutions for shopping centers, airports, restaurants, hotels, and more.

Cloud4Wi is a professional commercial Wi-Fi provider that offers enterprise guest Wi-Fi, location analysis, and location-based marketing solutions. With the help of Cloud4Wi's solutions, large-scale retail and restaurant chains, transportation hubs, and shopping centers use existing Wi-Fi networks to build their own brand, provide excellent on-site mobile experiences, and obtain valuable customer insights. Cloud4Wi's product suite provides professional services for more than 100 million mobile users in over 100 countries.

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Purple provides industry-leading Wi-Fi, data analysis, and marketing platforms. Purple helps enterprises optimize wireless networks and improve consumer Wi-Fi experiences. By analyzing consumer Wi-Fi information and data, Purple solutions help enterprises better understand their customers and locations, enhance user loyalty, improve business operation efficiency, and maximize business value. Purple's Wi-Fi networks have been successfully deployed in more than 160 countries or regions worldwide, and boast more than 1 million daily users.

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Videos: Huawei & Purple: Precision Marketing

MobiMESH provides a complete platform for Wi-Fi engagement and business analytics, driving the customer journey and helping businesses fulfill their digital transformation. Huawei's joint solution with MobiMESH provides effortless integration and a complete, end-to-end solution with the highest market standards for services including Wi-Fi, proximity marketing, and location analytics.

AVSystem Linkyfi is both a public Wi-Fi access management solution and a powerful Wi-Fi marketing platform, featuring built-in location engine services while also providing insight into visitor's behavior. It can be used in hotels, restaurant chains, railway stations, shopping centers, airports, and other places with high numbers of concurrent Wi-Fi users. Huawei's joint solution uses Linkyfi to provide customers with professional access authentication services and helps businesses address their customers' needs more effectively.

Fontech's guest Wi-Fi solution deploys, configures, and manages Wi-Fi hotspot networks. Valuable reports are returned through real-time metrics dashboards, which allow the collection of information on user behavior, network performance, and more.

Huawei's joint solution with Fontech provides customers with professional access authentication and accounting services.

Pointr is a global leader in real-time location technology for smart venues. It combines indoor location services with machine learning to boost digital transformation in sectors such as retail, transportation, hospitality, and industry. Built by a team of computer scientists and fueled by multiple patents, Pointr's Deep Location platform provides location-based services such as mapping, navigation, asset tracking, location-based marketing and powerful location analytics. Customers include Harrods, Gatwick Airport, Virgin Trains, Bosch, and Dubai Airport. To date, Pointr is deployed in 18 countries across North America, Europe, and Asia, and powers geolocation for 25 million people globally.

Huawei's joint location solution with Pointr provides highly accurate location and navigation services. Based on rich Wi-Fi data and location-based analytics, Huawei helps customers understand consumer profiles, develop personalized marketing schemes, and improve overall operational efficiency.