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Wi-Fi 6” Related Articles

Лидирующие в отрасли технологии AirEngine Wi-Fi 6: новая двигающая сила цифровой трансформации предприятий

Ли Син 2020-04-27
Узнайте, как продукты Huawei AirEngine Wi-Fi 6 помогают предприятиям адаптироваться в эру полностью беспроводных кампусов и сделать мощный скачок в цифровой трансформации благодаря самой быстрой беспроводной связи
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Связь нового поколения – сравнение Wi-Fi 6 и 5G

Узнайте, как Huawei сочетает технологии 5G и Wi-Fi для превосходного опыта применения сетей в различных сценариях.
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Как компания Huawei смогла преодолеть неопределенность этого года?

Qiu Heng 2020-06-02
Несмотря на неопределенность многих внешних факторов, компания Huawei никогда не отклонялась от своего видения и миссии: способствовать цифровой трансформации каждого предприятия. Как же мы пережили эти 12 месяцев в условиях пандемии?

How Wireless Networking Enables Enterprise Digital Transformation: Evaluating Network Maturity Against Industry Benchmarks

Brandon Butler 2021-09-01
Wireless networking is one of the most important technologies enabling digital transformation. To quantifiably measure the importance of wireless networking, IDC created a Wireless Maturity Index.

Huawei Releases the Industry's First Fully-Wireless Network Construction Standard "200 Mbps @ Anywhere"

Yuan Yaru 2022-10-08
At HUAWEI CONNECT 2022, Huawei's data communication product line released the experience-centric "X00 Mbps @ Anywhere" wireless network construction standard to simplify planning, acceptance, and optimization, which are typically challenging for wireless networks due to lack of a quantifiable construction standards. This new standard helps to deliver "200 Mbps @ Anywhere" fully-wireless office network experiences.

Leading Campus Networks into the Intelligent Gigabit-Wireless Era to Power Digitalization

In the new era, the campus network architecture will undergo three key changes to meet the future requirements of fully-wireless access for offices to production services and provide ultra-high-speed connections exceeding one Gbps for each user.

What are the Differences Between Enterprise Wi-Fi and Home Wi-Fi?

Wi-Fi devices for a company, shopping mall, or hotel seem to work the same as home Wi-Fi. However, they differ in significant ways, and the differences are important to understand when setting up enterprise Wi-Fi networks.

Why 4 x 4 MU-MIMO APs Are a Must-Have for Building an Enterprise Wi-Fi 6 Network

Lin Jian 2020-05-22
During Wi-Fi 6 deployment, how to select Wi-Fi 6 APs most suited to their service requirements among massive types of enterprise-class Wi-Fi 6 APs and how to quickly deploy high-quality wireless networks.

Fat, Fit, and Cloud APs — in a Nutshell

Wi-Fi is heavily ingrained in all aspect of our lives, with the wireless Access Point (AP) as the core component that allows access to a Wi-Fi network. You may have heard of Fit and Fat APs, but what about cloud APs? Here, we’ll introduce these different APs, their working modes, and the campus wireless LANs that they enable.

Building a Future-Proofed Wi-Fi 6 Network that Provides a Continuous Experience

wurihai 2021-08-02
Huawei Wi-Fi 6 goes beyond the Wi-Fi 6 standard and innovates with AI to deliver unique features such as 3D online WLAN planning, dynamic-zoom smart antennas, intelligent radio calibration, and AI roaming, achieving more speedy, stable, and intelligent fully wireless networks with continuous experience.
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