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'Fibers Follow Watts'

As traditional power grids transition to smart grids, power companies have a wealth of fixed network assets and infrastructure — from poles and towers to underground passageways — that can be innovated for different use, opening new revenue streams.

Driven by many favorable factors, most notably national broadband incentives, power cables can be deployed in parallel with fiber optic cables — an electricity-in-fiber strategy — opening up value-added business opportunities, from fiber deployment to fiber leasing and broadband wholesale.

Huawei's Fiber Powered by Grid Solution provides customers with consulting, planning, and system integration services. It helps electric power companies quickly construct networks, develop services, and achieve alternative revenue-generating operations by using surplus power grid resources, in turn increasing profit, improving efficiency, and ensuring nothing goes to waste.

Leasing Service

  • Ultra-Broadband Interconnection
    Featuring 48 Tbit/s per fiber, with a smooth upgrade to 88 Tbit/s, huge bandwidth is available for telecom business leasing services.
  • Simplification
    With optical and electrical convergence, a single unified Multi-Service Optical Transport Network (MS-OTN) bearer platform provides cost-effective transport solutions.
  • Smart Brain
    Operations and Maintenance (O&M) becomes visualized and intelligent, progressing from merely corrective to both predictive and preventive.

Broadband Service

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