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    Intelligent IP Transport
    Network Solution for DCI


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Intelligent IP Transport Network Solution for DCI

Distributed deployment of financial services and downward movement of mainframes lead to the evolution of data centers from a two-city three-center architecture to a multi-cloud multi-center architecture. Internet finance is gradually becoming the main sales channel of financial services, and eco-banking services are booming. As banks pose higher requirements on automation and intelligence, the access and core networks start to adopt SRv6. NCE-IP orchestrates cloud DCNs from multiple data centers and branch networks based on a modular architecture, allowing these networks to communicate over a single WAN. With simplified network protocols, this solution enables agile E2E financial service provisioning within minutes, resource pooling, multi-center service collaboration, and nearby access to active-active services, improving user experience.


Simplified Network

High-Performance Network

• 36*400GE router boards, meeting traffic growth requirements in the next 10 years
• On-demand encryption, without compromising forwarding performance
• Smooth evolution to IPv6

0049 intelligent traffic scheduling

Fine-Grained Scheduling

• Accurate service SLA assurance, zero service impact
• Comprehensive scheduling of network-wide resources, improving utilization by 30%+
• Compressed traffic, reducing private line rental costs by 30%

Smart Operations

Intelligent O&M

• Minute-level provisioning 
• Troubleshooting shortened from days/hours to minutes
• Precise responsibility demarcation, improving troubleshooting efficiency 10-fold


dci ip transport network architecture en

Modular architecture

WAN decoupling, flattened access, and unified management by the HQ

Unified protocols

SRv6 + EVPN, enabling service provisioning within minutes and one-hop cloud access for outlets

Network-wide optimization

E2E service optimization based on network-wide resources, improving private line utilization

Intelligent O&M

visualized services, improving network stability and service quality