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    OceanProtect X3000 Backup Storage

    Tailored to SMB or remote and branch IT environments


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OceanProtect X3000 Backup Storage

Huawei OceanProtect X3000 is an efficient, reliable, and easy to use backup storage widely applied in SMB or remote and branch IT environments.

Featuring Huawei-developed innovative hardware and multiple innovative deduplication and compression algorithms, the backup storage system achieves ultimate backup and recovery performance and data reduction ratio. In short, the backup storage system helps build a solid foundation for a modern, intelligent, and cloud-ready IT system infrastructure, and provides enterprises with unparalleled data protection services.

optimize business experience

80% higher efficiency with intelligent O&M

Digital Operations

30% higher data reduction ratio

Open Edge Computing

Active-active architecture supports failover in seconds


Model OceanProtect X3000
Hardware Specifications
Data Reduction Ratio* Up to 72:1
System Physical Backup Bandwidth Up to 6.2 TB/hour
System Logical Backup Bandwidth Up to 18.5 TB/hour
System Recovery Bandwidth 5.9 TB/hour Up to 1 TB/hour
Number of Controllers per Node 2 2
Maximum Number of Nodes 1 1
System Usable Capacity 16 TB–300 TB
Data Disk Types 3.84/7.68 TB SAS SSD 4/8/14/20 TB NL-SAS HDD
Front-End Port Types 8/16/32 Gb FC, 10/25/40/100 GbE
Front-End Storage Protocols NFS, SMB/CIFS, FC, iSCSI, NDMP
Software Specifications
RAID Type RAID 2.0+
RAID Levels RAID 6 (default), RAID 5, and RAID-TP (tolerating simultaneous failure of three disks)
Software Functions Inline deduplication and compression, source deduplication and compression, multi-tenancy, quota management, snapshot, secure snapshot, remote replication, log audit, intelligent service quality control, data destruction, WORM, data encryption, detection and analysis**, and continuous data protection
System Management Device management (DeviceManager) and remote O&M and management (DME IQ)
Electrical Specifications
Power Supply Node: 200 V to 240 V AC±10%, 192 V to 288 V DC;
SAS SSD enclosure: 100 V to 240 V AC±10%, 192 V to 288 V DC;
HDD enclosure: 100 V to 240 V AC±10%, 192 V to 288 V DC
Dimensions (H × W × D) 2 U controller enclosure: 86.1 mm × 447 mm × 488 mm
2 U SSD enclosure: 86.1 mm × 447 mm × 410 mm;
4 U HDD enclosure: 175 mm × 447 mm × 488 mm
Weight (Incl. Disk Units) Controller enclosure: ≤ 24 kg
SSD enclosure: ≤ 20 kg; HDD enclosure: ≤ 44 kg
Operating Temperature –60 m to +1800 m altitude: 5°C to 35°C (cabinet) or 40°C (enclosure); 1800 m to 3000 m altitude: The max. temperature threshold decreases by 1°C for every altitude increase of 220 m.
Operating Humidity 10% to 90% RH

* The data reduction ratio depends on the application type and backup policy.
** The detection and analysis function requires the OceanCyber security appliance.