Huawei Ranks No. 1 in China's POL Market for Five Consecutive Years with FTTO Solution


[Shenzhen, China, June 13, 2024] In the IDC China Semiannual POL Tracker, 2023H2 recently released by IDC, a world-renowned company market research and consulting, Huawei was ranked No.1 in China's passive optical LAN (POL) market for the year 2023. This is the fifth consecutive year in which Huawei has led the POL market in China.

Huawei Ranks No. 1 in China's POL Market for Five Consecutive Years with FTTO Solution

According to IDC's report, as fiber rollouts ramp up and policies are set by the government to guide and support all-optical network construction, China's POL market is expected to grow by 13.1% to CNY2.03 billion by 2024. IDC also predicts that the market will maintain a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 14.5% for the next five years and will be worth CNY3.53 billion by 2028.

This report highlights the following three major drivers for China's POL market growth:

1. Policies: The Chinese government is formulating action plans to hasten the development of gigabit optical networks.

2. Industry requirements: Higher bandwidth is needed for the ever-increasing services in education, healthcare, manufacturing, hospitality, electricity, and other verticals, driving gigabit to evolve towards 10 gigabits. Requirements for such bandwidth, as well as those for latency, can be met thanks to industry upgrades and technological advancements.

3. Fiber-in and copper-out: All-optical networks greatly improve bandwidth and O&M compared to traditional campus networks.

As China's POL market leader, Huawei has served more than 8000 enterprises around the world with the FTTO solution, and continues to upgrade fiber-based campus networks with products, tools, and platforms.

In 2023, Huawei launched the FTTO solution 2.0 together with a suite of flagship products. Powered by the innovative XGS-PON Pro and Wi-Fi 7 technologies, this next-generation solution delivers all-around upgrades covering bandwidth, networking, and O&M. It also supports 12.5/25 Gbps to rooms and 10 Gbps to desktops and APs to build a green all-optical campus. Huawei has also launched the industry's first 50G POL commercial solution to meet the high-performance requirements for campus networks.

For partners, Huawei has released the all-optical campus toolkit (planning tool, simulator, and analyzer) to help them plan, build, and maintain networks in an efficient manner. In addition, Huawei has provided a one-stop enablement platform for partners to apply optical solutions, accelerating the rollout of the FTTO solution.

For more information about the Huawei FTTO solution, visit the following website:

*Source: IDC China Semiannual POL Tracker, 2023H2