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    Intelligent Power Plant

    One network, one AI center, and one platform: Building safer, automated, and greener power plants


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Intelligent Power Plant Solution

To remain competitive, power companies are urgently turning to greener technologies and intelligent transformation. Many countries and large industry players have issued policies and measures to inject intelligence into both traditional and new energy power generation.

Huawei's intelligent power generation solution offers digital power infrastructure that covers cloud, pipe, edge, and device layers. It also delivers specialized applications for thermal power, new energy, hydropower, and nuclear power. The solution aims to build a secure, efficient, user-friendly, and intelligent green power generation ecosystem.

In this way, power generation customers improve efficiency and intrinsic safety, building intelligent power plants featuring zero accidents, unstaffed attendance and inspection, and reduced emissions.


Continuous Security

Integrated digital platform

Our solution eliminates data silos and offers users centralized access to various service systems along with OT and IT data convergence. It accumulates power plant data assets to maximize data value. You can integrate software and hardware, quickly rolling out new services using our hyper-converged infrastructure platform. Plus, identity management and permission control are integrated throughout the factory, enabling full-lifecycle management of identities, authentication, permissions, audits, and warnings.

Digital Operations

Centralized video analysis platform

We offer the first integrated video analysis platform for the industry. It features a flexible combination of storage, compute, and search services along with an on-demand combination of multiple algorithms. Our partners can also deploy algorithm platforms through our open hardware architecture. Plus, front-end intelligence and back-end parsing require a lot less computing power and save you up to 40% in construction costs.

Products and Solutions

Factory-wide integrated network

The solution enables wired and wireless convergence, so one device manages the entire plant network. You save on upfront investment thanks to the flexible networking of Wi-Fi 6, RFID, and UWB. Our solution uses 5G to deliver low latency and high bandwidth through industrial wireless networks, enabling smart applications in power plants.

China-developed OS

Our proprietary operating system is based on EulerOS and features kernel-level innovation capabilities, native open source, and high reliability and security. It provides a high-end computing platform for power plants that draws on the advantages of Linux in scalability, high performance, and openness.


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