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e-Commerce Based on Public Clouds

Traditional automobile manufacturers need to expand their online sales capabilities and actively interact with customers; find fast ways to reach customers by developing both online and offline multi-channel sales models; collect and analyze new consumer needs, preferences, and consumer behaviors (for sales and browsing) to guide product design; provide more competitive products; improve customer experiences; and fulfill the individual customer needs such as vehicle choice, space distribution, or vehicle customization.

Comprehensive Partner Ecosystem

Huawei has a comprehensive partner ecosystem, with ISV partners who can provide complete e-commerce solutions, combined with a flexible system architecture and professional service teams, so that companies can quickly establish e-commerce websites connecting both online and offline business.

Complete Big Data analytics

Huawei cloud platform offers complete Big Data analytics services. An enterprise can perform effective analysis on customer data collected by the C2M eCommerce website, to assess an overall customer portrait, determine consumer trends, define product advantages and disadvantages, and provide support for the design and production phases.

Tailor-Made Services

The solution provides a variety of functions for automotive e-commerce, so customers can personalize their vehicles online, interactively experience customized appearances, and simulate the performance of products.

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  • Online Consumer Communication

    Enjoy online/offline multi-channel sales models and receive personalized data on consumer demands and feedback.

  • Multi-Dimensional Analysis

    Adjust and improve product design and production with consumer trends and product feedback analysis.

  • Optimized Point-of-Sale

    Improve customer experiences.

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