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    Video Site Backhaul
    Microwave Solution

    Quick launch of HD video sites with any networking, strong interference immunity.


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Video Site Backhaul Microwave Solution

Massive video sites are sensing nodes for industry digital transformation. They have a large number of sites, complex terrain, difficult wired access, and poor reliability of common wireless access technologies. Huawei's video site backhaul microwave solution provides TDMA-based point-to-multipoint microwave and one-stop integrated sites. This solution implements fast online, broadband backhaul, anti-interference, and high-reliable environment adaptability of video sites, and high-efficiency HD video network construction.


Interference Protection

TDMA Multiple Access Technology Anti-interference

Based on the TDMA multi-access technology, microwave supports precise management of multi-terminal access, orderly and reliable, improving the average throughput by 30%, and reducing the latency by 60%

High Efficiency Power Generation

750 Mbit/s bandwidth

The maximum throughput of the device is 750 Mbit/s, meeting the requirements for multi-channel HD video access

Open Edge Computing

Super environmental adaptability

Wide temperature, surge protection, and corrosion resistance, adapting to harsh environments

Smart Operations

Integrated site, one-stop delivery, simplified O&M

Multiple power supply and transmission integration, one-stop delivery, and under-pole mobile phone O&M


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Fast access

Public spectrum microwave, integrated power supply transmission sites, flexible networking topology, and rapid access of massive video sites.

Security and reliability

Dense deployment anti-interference, air interface encryption, IP67, and 10 kV surge protection are highly reliable, meeting deployment requirements in complex outdoor environments.

Simplified O&M

Simple configuration at the central site, no configuration at the remote site, end-to-end remote unified NMS, under-pole O&M, and power-off alarms, simplifying management and maintenance.