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Site Management Unit & Intelligent NMS

Huawei's Site Management Unit & Intelligent Network Management System (NMS) consists of servers, NetEco software, a site controller, and wireless sensors, providing visible and intelligent management of site energy devices.

By adopting cutting-edge digital and intelligent technologies, the NetEco system improves maintenance efficiency, power supply reliability, and asset security. While, for Huawei power scenarios, the system’s built-in controller eliminates the need for the SCC800 controller, site sensors are wire-free, enabling easy deployment and fast Time To Market (TTM).



Parameters Site Management Unit & Intelligent NMS
Networking IP, GPRS, 3G, 4G
Alarm Mgmt. Alarm collection and storage; alarm browsing; alarm processing; alarm setting; customized dry contact alarm management; alarm masking and alarm threshold settings; root cause analysis of shutdown site, risky site forecast; alarm troubleshooting with expert advice
Real-time Monitoring GIS site navigation; network-level real-time monitoring; site information overview; graphical user interface and energy flow; customized real-time counter subscription, energy network KPI-guarding
Performance and Report Historical data collection, query, statistical analysis; Day/Week/Month/Year report management; customized report; automatic periodic report; energy network KPI report
Efficient and Accurate O&M Mobile app management; overall network battery management (remote batch or scheduled battery test and test report); multi-tenant shared site management; intelligent mix of energy storage system management; DC Branch Measurement*; AC Electricity Measurement*; Abnormal iPV Identification*
Health and Lifespan Mgmt. State of Health (SOH) management, visible battery status (healthy, sub-healthy, abnormal), cycle times, prediction of battery remaining capacity (SOC); SOH management of diesel generator, diesel generator maintenance reminder; abnormal SOH pre-warning and optimization expert advice
Assets Mgmt. Inventory management for Huawei energy equipment and NetEco server platform, asset anti-theft; inventory data export to Excel and XML files
Site Security Mgmt. Camera with smart capture or web access, video surveillance subsystem integration with Huawei eSpace VCN3000, access control management, Lithium Battery Software Lock, iPV Software Lock*, Lithium Battery Displacement Lock*, Lithium Battery GPS Tracking*
Integration with Third Party Northbound interfaces: Alarm SNMP, Performance SNMP, Webservice, FTP/FTPS
Remark: The availability of features are based on the configuration of site hardware and controller software, as well as the running NetEco version. The features marked with "*" will be ready by June 30, 2020.

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