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Huawei Unveils the Next-Generation CloudLink Video Conferencing Solution


[Beijing, China, September 6, 2019] Huawei launched a next-generation CloudLink video conferencing solution characterized by the brand-new platform empowered by Kunpeng and the latest additions to the portfolio of Huawei CloudLink intelligent collaboration endpoints. The first release of CloudLink collaboration endpoints in 2018 was a great breakthrough of Huawei's video conferencing solutions. This product launch is another remarkable milestone, ushering in a new era of universal 4K and inclusive AI.

Huawei executives on stage at the CloudLink videoconferencing solution release ceremony

Release Ceremony

Liu Chao, Vice President of Huawei Enterprise Business Group China Region, gave an opening speech. "In the enterprise business market, Huawei has been striving to achieve digital transformation for enterprises and governments worldwide by harnessing its ICT technologies and solutions such as cloud, AI, IoT, and intelligent computing," he said. "With 26 years of technology accumulation and continuous R&D investments, Huawei offers a comprehensive portfolio of high-quality products and services and also builds a sound win-win ecosystem. With all these achievements, Huawei has preempted the largest share for six consecutive years in China's video conferencing market. The release of the next-generation video conferencing solution developed based on Ascend and Kunpeng is a key milestone, with the goal of creating a systematic, secure, and trustworthy architecture, extending inclusive 4K and AI to all industries, and creating more value for customers."

Liu Chao, VP of Huawei Enterprise BG China Region, gives an opening speech at the CloudLink Solution release ceremony

Liu Chao, Vice President of Huawei Enterprise Business Group China Region, gave an opening speech

"Benefiting from our powerful core technologies, Huawei launches a brand-new video conferencing platform empowered by Kunpeng and an entirely new range of collaboration endpoints," said Sun Quan, President of the Enterprise Communications Domain, Huawei IT Product Line. "We are embarking on a smart era. With large-scale commercial use of 5G, implementation of AI in various industries, and proliferation of diverse computing capabilities, video conferencing services have evolved from communications and collaboration tools to the foundation for extending smart office to all enterprise scenarios and digitally transforming all industries." He continued, noting that "Against this backdrop, Huawei launched the leading full-stack, all-scenario video conferencing solution with its completely upgraded platforms and endpoints. Huawei and its ecosystem partners will lead the video conferencing industry into an exciting new era of universal 4K and inclusive AI."

Sun Quan, President of the Huawei Enterprise Communications Domain, gives a speech at the CloudLink release ceremony

Sun Quan, President of the Enterprise Communications Domain, Huawei IT Product Line, released the solution

CloudLink RoomPresence Next-Generation Intelligent Collaboration Endpoints

Huawei launched multiple CloudLink RoomPresence models, offering a choice of one or two screens (65- or 75-inch) and optional touchscreen. The ultimate dual-screen model CloudLink RoomPresence 65D provides 32:9 ultra-wide view, allowing for flexible layouts and delivering a cinema-level audio and video experience. The dual-screen touch-based model offers whiteboard-inspired collaboration with remote participants.

CloudLink Box Next-Generation Split-Type Video Conferencing Endpoints

The CloudLink Box 300 and CloudLink Box 600 were released to support H.265 and 4K ultra-HD dual streams. They comply with the BT.2020 standard to establish a color gamut twice as wide as other mainstream 4K video standards, providing true 4K video conferencing.

The AI capabilities of next-generation video conferencing endpoints are upgraded from single-scenario intelligence to role-based cognitive intelligence, making meetings more efficient and enjoyable.

Next-Generation High-Density MCU and Large-Capacity SMC

The VP9800 series MCUs and SMC3.0 use the latest Ascend processor and Kunpeng 920 processor, and service-oriented architecture, greatly improving performance, capacity, and density.

A single MCU (2 U high) provides 200 universal transcoding full-HD video ports, 10 times more than provided by industry peers.

The SMC3.0 serves as a video conferencing service management platform and can manage up to 200,000 users in single-node system mode. It also fits perfectly with diverse networking schemes, from small to ultra-large.

Wen Chao, GM of Huawei videoconferencing products, demonstrating at the CloudLink Solution release ceremony

Demonstration by Wen Chao, General Manager of Video Conferencing Products in the Enterprise Communications Domain, Huawei

Wen Chao, General Manager of Video Conferencing Products in the Enterprise Communications Domain of Huawei, demonstrated the new services based on role-based cognitive intelligence and 5G connections, manifesting Huawei's powerful AI capabilities and a broad range of industry application scenarios.