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  • Smart Gate Solution

    Smart Gate Solution

    Implement automatic release and unified management


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Smart Gate Solution

Customs authorities across the world face the same pressures: streamline the efficiency of operations and accelerate clearance or face delays and related import tax losses. At the same time, security must never be compromised, for both people and goods .

Address this state of affairs head on with the Huawei Smart Gate Solution, which more and more authorities are turning to . The solution implements centralized supervision of operations allied to automatic, smart identification and clearance. And the results? Clamp down on illegal activity such as smuggling, improve tax revenues, enhance border security, and dramatically improve the efficiency of customs clearance processes.


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Accelerate Clearance

Automatic Lawful Permanent Resident (LPR) and container number recognition combines with accurate Artificial Intelligence (AI)-powered comparison to accelerate clearance and release.


Centralize Management

Implement centralized management of multiple ports, with on-site real-time information backhaul providing comprehensive overview and supervision of customs clearance processes.

Deployment Automation

Expedite Construction

Smart supervision features and applications are pre-integrated with Information and Communications Technology (ICT) infrastructure, supporting rapid onsite roll out.


The solution complies with port management standard practices and is built around 1 + N solution architecture: namely, one control center can take command of nearly limitless ports.

Smart Gate Solution Architecture