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  • Perimeter Security with Fiber Sensing

    Perimeter Security with Fiber Sensing Solution

    Enhance safety with a new generation of all-optical sensing.


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Roll Out Intelligent Airport Perimeter Systems

Every airport, of course, prioritizes perimeter safety since any intrusion poses a very real security risk to apron operations. But standard technical protection systems are no longer fit for purpose, frequently reporting false alarms, especially during adverse weather. Worse still, extreme weather events such as typhoons drastically reduce system-wide availability, resulting in hundreds of false alarms on a daily basis. Such a situation cannot be allowed to pass.

So Huawei worked with the Second Research Institute of the Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC) and other industry partners to develop an advanced solution — the Perimeter Security with Fiber Sensing Solution — for smart airports.

This state-of-the-art solution uses distributed fiber optic sensing to precisely identify ambient vibrations caused by wind and rain, filtering this noise out so that only real intrusion alarms are reported. As a result, the solution delivers 24/7 comprehensive long-distance coverage in any weather, missing almost no alarms and generating very few false ones. And the result? More intelligent airport perimeter systems, safer operations, and a better work environment for airport staff.

Gain the Edge

Advanced Technologies

Near-Zero Missed Alarms

Proprietary optical Digital Signal Processing (oDSP) algorithms and all-optical coherent noise suppression prevent missed alarms, collecting vibration signals at high sensitivity in Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) mode.

High Efficiency Power Generation

90% Fewer False Alarms

An exclusive integrated judgment mechanism uses environmental and other detailed features to precisely distinguish intrusions from ambient interference. The system resists level 7 winds and heavy rains, with a false alarm rate of less than one for each kilometer of cabling, each day.

Easy Deployment and O&M

Distributed fiber optic sensing devices are easier to deploy, operate, and maintain than other conventional solutions. Front-end optical cables are passive and, as a result, Operations and Maintenance (O&M)-free. Plus, just one set of fiber sensing devices is needed to cover a 10 km perimeter.


High-Precision Positioning

The solution helps operators quickly handle incidents by precisely geo-locating where faults do occur (±5 m) .


Perimeter Security with Fiber Sensing