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Huawei Cloud Desktop Solution Builds New Multimedia Cloud Classrooms

With global education transformation trends, using traditional PCs to create multimedia classrooms gradually faces problems such as the lack of dedicated IT management personnel, low PC resource utilization, poor data security, high power consumption, and high costs.

Huawei FusionCloud Desktop Solution uses the industry-leading HDP desktop protocol to provide complete virtual desktop services for teachers and students. A single console can effectively manage thousands of desktops, improving O&M efficiency. All desktops share data center resources, resulting in high resource utilization.


For multimedia classrooms, libraries, training rooms, and offices, teachers and students can use multiple terminals to access various virtual desktops or applications on the data center side and connect to various peripherals. Currently, the supported terminals include a Thin Client (TC), a portable computer, a tablet, a smartphone, a Set Top Box (STB), and other devices.

Desktop virtualization

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) provides virtual desktops based on server virtualization technologies. Users can access virtual desktops anytime and anywhere using TCs, laptops, and smart phones, data and applications in the data center and use the applications more conveniently and securely.

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  • Extreme Experience

    1080p resolution, best voice and video effects in the industry, bringing better user experiences than traditional desktops.

  • Simplified O&M

    Simplifies teaching activities with one-click deployment, self-service O&M, and minute-level fault recovery.

  • Higher Security

    Security management throughout from cloud-pipe-device, which provides secure and reliable teaching environments for teachers and students.