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    All-Ethernet Storage
    Network for Data Centers

    The NoF+ Intelligent Lossless Storage Network Solution features high bandwidth, low latency, and easy maintenance, making it the best choice in the all-flash era.


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Huawei's Ethernet-Based NoF+ Storage
Network, Best Choice for the All-Flash Era

Networks are embracing great transformations in the era of all-flash data centers. As services explode and storage media change, the service performance of the storage network rapidly improves 10-fold or even 100-fold. All-flash data centers require higher network bandwidth and lower latency. The traditional FC network, however, cannot meet these requirements, and has become a major bottleneck hindering the entire system architecture development. Emerging services are calling for a faster and higher-quality network. In addition, network, computing, and storage teams worked together to perform in-depth reconstruction of the overall system architecture and protocol layer, and finally proposed NVMe over Fabric technology, which has become a new standard for the next-generation storage network.

Huawei's data center network team joins hands with the storage team and launches NoF+, aiming to construct an easy-to-use storage network that provides higher storage performance, cost-effectiveness, reliability, and maintainability, thereby empowering the entire NoF industry.


Powerful Platform Compatibility

Storage performance

• Industry's unique lossless Ethernet
• 93% higher IOPS and 49% lower E2E latency

Leading Business Capabilities


• Lossless data transmission over 100 km
• 90% lower cross-DC link costs

Wide Range of Applications

Open management

• No need to configure FC NICs for servers
• Unified O&M of service storage, reducing OPEX by 30%

Continuous Security


• Real-time, intuitive insights into link status
• Active/Standby link switchover in seconds


Easy to use

• Innovative mechanism for plug-and-play of storage devices
• Automatic storage network deployment, improving efficiency 10-fold


Based on an all-Ethernet solution architecture, Huawei innovatively integrates the original three networks, three types of NICs, and three different O&M systems into a standard, IP-based, and open architecture.This enables intelligent network O&M and provides real-time, intuitive insights into the network status, reducing O&M costs by 30%.

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