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Ascend Computing

Based on Ascend series AI processors, the Huawei Atlas AI computing solution offers a broad portfolio of products, including modules, cards, edge stations, servers, and clusters. The solution enables all-scenario AI infrastructure across device-cloud-edge, covering full-pipeline inference and training for AI deep learning.

Atlas AI Computing Solution

An open, simple, and reliable AI solution

Atlas Intelligent Edge Solution

Atlas Data Center Solution

Atlas Products

Unleashing powerful AI computing and device-edge-cloud collaboration for the ultimate development and user experience

AI Module

Atlas 200 AI Accelerator Module
Model: 3000

Atlas 200 DK AI Developer Kit
Model: 3000

AI Accelerator Card

Atlas 300 AI Inference Card
Model: 3000

Atlas 300T AI Training Card
Model: 9000

Intelligent Edge

Atlas 500 AI Edge Station
Model: 3000

Atlas 500 Pro AI Edge Server
Model: 3000

AI Server

Atlas 800 Training Server
Model: 9000

Atlas 800 Inference Server
Model: 3000

Atlas 800 Inference Server
Model: 3010

AI Cluster

Atlas 900 AI Cluster
Model: 9000

Ascend Software Applications

Provides common software and porting and deployment guides to help you quickly run services on the Ascend platform


A Huawei-developed AI computing framework across the device-edge-cloud, MindSpore provides unified APIs in all scenarios


A high-performance chip operators library and highly automated operators development toolkit on Ascend.

Industry Applications

Atlas unlocks AI computing to fuel intelligent transformation across industries

Ascend Developer Zone

Based on Huawei Ascend series AI processors, the Ascend Developer Zone is an open enablement platform for AI application development, helping developers build an open and inclusive AI ecosystem.


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