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Huawei Launches Industry-First Lossless Industrial Optical Network Solution


[Barcelona, Spain, March 1st, 2023] Huawei released the industry-first Lossless Industrial Optical Network solution based on Fifth generation fixed network (F5G) technologies during the F5G Evolution, Unleashing Green Digital Productivity session at the Mobile World Congress 2023 (MWC 2023). This solution can help customers build highly reliable industrial networks to improve production quality and efficiency.

Kim Jin, Vice President of Huawei Optical Business Product Line, said: "With continuous expansion of industrial application scenarios, industrial networks must evolve towards higher capabilities to meet diversified requirements. Huawei is the first to propose lossless industrial optical networks featuring zero packet loss, deterministic low latency, and ultra-long chain networking, with the purpose of comprehensively enhancing industrial connectivity."

Kim Jin, Vice President of Huawei Optical Business Product Line, launches the Lossless Industrial Optical Network Solution

As more industrial activities go digital, network requirements have grown. Traditional industrial networks are struggling to meet these new requirements for several reasons. First, industrial production environments can be complex, and industrial networks are prone to packet loss due to interference if copper cables are used as the transmission media. Second, as massive terminals are connected, network congestion occurs from time to time, resulting in non-deterministic latency. Third, traditional networks are complex and difficult to expand when new services go online.

To address these challenges, Huawei launches the Lossless Industrial Optical Network solution with the following innovations:

Zero packet loss: The dual-fed selective receiving capability ensures zero packet loss during link switching. Thanks to the star network architecture, zero packet loss occurs on other nodes when a single node is added, deleted, or becomes faulty.

Deterministic low latency: One-hop transmission at the optical layer can cover 40 km at a latency lower than 1 ms without intermediate forwarding nodes. In addition, based on time division multiplexing (TDM) forwarding and hard isolation technologies, service channels are independent of each other, achieving deterministic low latency.

Ultra-long chain networking: The innovative optical regeneration unit (ORU) breaks the distance limit of traditional passive optical networks. In scenarios such as highways, tunnels, and corridors, 128 ORUs can be cascaded to cover up to 120 km.

The Huawei Lossless Industrial Optical Network solution can be used to build secure, reliable, flexible, and efficient all-optical networks that meet requirements of high reliability, precise control, and super-distance coverage in industrial scenarios. It can be used in a wide range of scenarios, including factories, subways, highways, ports, electric power, intersections, and mines, to facilitate industrial digital transformation.

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