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Genew India Specializes in the Maintenance Service of Telecom Networks

Based in the North Indian state of Haryana, Genew India is a telecommunications company established in 2018 in partnership with Shenzhen Genew Technologies. Providing several business services, Genew India offers dust-free environments to carry out tests for the wireless modules of mobile phones. Among its clients are leading mobile phone vendors, including Vivo and OPPO.

Customer Requirements and Challenges

Building a New Mobile Phone Production Line with Full Wi-Fi Coverage

Genew India required a new production line for a leading mobile phone vendor. It was crucial for the new installation to have full Wi-Fi coverage, and in particular a high-speed seamless Wi-Fi network was necessary to provide the high bandwidth and high-density concurrent device access that the workshop required.

Huawei Solution

AirEngine Wi-Fi 6 Powers an All-Wireless Mobile Phone Production Line

Huawei installed a tailor-made AirEngine Wi-Fi 6 solution to serve Genew India's all-wireless mobile phone production line. With full Wi-Fi coverage throughout the workshop are, wireless modules of mobile phones from different clients could be tested accurately and efficiently.

Wireless Access Points: AP7060DN and AP4050DN

With a variety of wireless Access Points (APs) available — all providing network coverage with high bandwidth service and better mobile cloud access service — Huawei helps organizations build more advanced optimal wireless networks. AP7060DN is the next-generation Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax) AP in Huawei’s line-up. With a data rate of up to 5.95 Gbit/s, this AP is able to fully meet the quality requirements of high-bandwidth services — such as HD video streaming — enabling users to enjoy high-quality wireless services. Additionally, AP7060DN delivers mobile cloud access services, providing the coverage, access density, and operating stability that organizations and users require.

CloudEngine Switches: S5720 LI POE and S7703

A next-generation energy-saving gigabit Ethernet switch, Huawei's S5720-LI provides flexible GE access ports and 10 GE uplink ports, also supporting intelligent Stack (iStack), flexible Ethernet networking, and diversified security control. The S7700 series is comprised of high-end smart routing switches featuring advanced scalability and reliability, designed for next-generation enterprise networks. They can function either as aggregation or core nodes on a campus network, or be installed in a data center to provide integrated wireless access.

Agile Controller

Huawei's Agile Controller is the company'ss latest user- and application-based network resource auto-control system. Following the centralized control principle of Software-Defined Networking (SDN), Agile Controller dynamically schedules network and security resources across an entire campus network.

Customer Benefits

Installing Huawei's Wi-Fi 6 technology substantially boosted Genew India's capability to test its client’s mobile phones. With full Wi-Fi coverage, high bandwidth, and the capacity to support high-density concurrent device access, mobile phone tests for leading mobile phone vendors became smoother and more efficient.

Data transmission is boosted through the use of eight antennas in a single radio, with up to 3.5 Gbit/s of bandwidth. In addition, high-concurrency ensures accelerated access, authentication, and performance testing of mobile phone wireless modules for the company, significantly improving the overall efficiency of Genew's mobile phone production.

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