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    Fiber Sensing Solution for Perimeter Security Protection

    Innovative Sensing Algorithm–Powered Distributed Optical Fiber Sensing Technology Enables Intelligent Unattended Inspection to Protect Perimeter Security


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Next-Generation All-Optical Sensing, Safeguarding
Perimeter Security

Frequent intrusions of railways, airports, and large perimeters bring about major disruptions and losses to property, personal safety, and the safe operations of the area. Complex weather and environments — including vegetation, animals, pedestrians, vehicles, wind, rain, snow, fog — put much pressure on the reliability, adaptability, and stability of perimeter protection systems. Perimeter protection — which traditionally requires largely manual efforts — is transforming into a more sophisticated type of technical protection. Due to its easy deployment and cost-effectiveness, the vibration optical cable is suitable for detecting various intrusions along long-distance fences, such as irregular and sheltered fences. This is why it is regarded as one of the most important technical measures for protecting large perimeters such as railway and airport perimeters.

Gain the Edge

033 flexible service customization

Comprehensive detection, zero false negatives

Enhanced oDSP, all-optical coherent noise suppression, large dynamic range of vibration monitoring, and full-section dynamic range > 50 dB, ensuring 99.9% signal sampling rate

Ultra-High Bandwidth

Anti-interference, low false positive rate

Integrity Domain Feature-Adversarial Detection (IDF-AD): Extracts key intrusion features through feature reconstruction and generates alarms based on the judgment mechanism. This improves the alarm accuracy by 90% and withstands level-7 winds and heavy rain, with a false positive rate smaller than 1 time/km/day.

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Fast learning, continuous evolution

Unique Field Dynamic Tuning Self-optimizing (FDTS) algorithm: Automatically optimizes sparse samples based on the FDTS gradient model and adapts to environment changes and user habits, improving the model library iteration efficiency 30-fold and continuously improving the alarm accuracy.


The overall architecture of a perimeter security protection solution is similar to that of an oil and gas pipeline warning solution. The main differences in a perimeter security protection solution are as follows:
(1) Optical cables are deployed on fences.
(2) The SAE sensing algorithm adapts to perimeter intrusions based on global environment features and eliminates interference from nature such as wind, rain, and small animals, implementing zero false negatives and anti-interference. It is also able to continuously evolve.
(3) The solution can flexibly work with the intelligent image identification feature of a video surveillance system to double check warnings, further improving user experiences.

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