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    Huawei FTTM Solution for Power Distribution Communication Networks

    All-Optical Network for Reliable and Intelligent Power Distribution Communication


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More Smart Power Distribution Networks

Remote communication (obtaining the switch status), telemetry (measuring the electrical current parameters), and remote control (remote control switch) are used to monitor the running status of the power grid as well as enable the power distribution automation system to realize power grid status monitoring and control.

Telemetry, remote communication, and remote control are typical centralized distribution automation services that use the client-server mode. The clients include terminals such as DTUs, FTUs, TTUs, and RTUs, and the servers include the master/slave distribution automation station system.

For the two-layer networking architecture spanning terminals, slave station, and master station for distribution automation, the power distribution communication network can be carried by optical fibers.

The Huawei Fiber To The Machine (FTTM) solution for power distribution communication networks is used to implement hand-in-hand protection against multi-point failures, in addition to enhancing reliability. Industrial-grade ONUs are used, supporting a wide temperature range, surge protection, and efficient deployment.

Gain the Edge

Industrial-Grade Design

Industrial-grade design

• –40°C to +70°C wide temperature range
• 6 kV surge protection, applicable to outdoor power grids
• IP rating: IP40

Continuous Security

High security and reliability

• Hand-in-hand network protection against multi-point failures
• Terminals with dual systems and hot standby
• Power distribution system faults reduced by 60%

easy to deploy

Simplified deployment

• Plug-and-play, network-wide batch configuration
• Minute-level service provisioning
• Deployment efficiency improved by 40%


In Huawei's FTTM solution for power distribution communication networks, OLTs are deployed at substations and connected to power distribution automation communication terminals — such as ring main units, switching stations, and pole-mounted switches — through uneven optical splitters and optical fibers, implementing power grid status monitoring and control.Terminals are connected in hand-in-hand mode, ensuring high reliability.

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