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  • CloudEngine XH16800 Series Data Center Switches

    CloudEngine XH16800 Series Data Center Switches

    High Capacity Releases High Computing Power in the AI ​​era


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CloudEngine XH16800 Series Data Center Switches

CloudEngine XH16800 Series Data Center Switches

CloudEngine XH16800 series switches are Huawei's DC core switches built for AI scenarios. It has two major characteristics: high computing power efficiency and high computing power availability. In terms of computing power efficiency, CloudEngine XH16800 series switches support NSLB (network-level load balancing), achieving 10% increase in average bandwidth. In terms of computing power availability, it supports functions such as AI ZTP to increase O&M efficiency.
Running on Huawei's next-generation YunShan operating system, CloudEngine XH16800 series switches deliver stable, reliable, and high performance Layer 2 and Layer 3 switching services, and provide customers with an intelligent, simple, secure, and open DC cloud network platform.
In addition to offering a diverse range of DC features, CloudEngine XH16800 series switches provide industrial-grade reliability by adopting an industry-leading backplane-free Clos orthogonal architecture and a strict front-to-back airflow design. As next-generation core switches, they significantly reduce power consumption by capitalizing on multiple innovative energy-saving technologies.
ultra fast speeds

High computing power efficiency: high throughput, performance acceleration

Exclusive AI acceleration, average bandwidth increased by 10%

super computing power high performance

High computing power availability: monthly training without interruption

Supports functions such as AI ztp to increase O&M efficiency.


Parameters CloudEngine XH16800-8 CloudEngine XH16800-16
Switching Capacity(Tbps) 357/774 714/1548
Forwarding Performance(Mpps) 52,200 104,400
Service Slots 8 16
Switching Fabric Module Slots  9
Fabric Architecture Clos architecture, cell switching, VoQ
Airflow Design Strict front-to-back airflow design
Reliability MACsec
Hardware-based BFD
Data Center Features 1588v2
VXLAN routing and bridging
Static route, IPv4/IPv6 dynamic route protocol
Intelligent and Lossless Network PFC、AI ECN
O&M Telemetry
Packet Event
Programmability Standard NETCONF interface
Ansible-based automatic configuration and open-source module release