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    CloudEngine 16800 Series
    Data Center Switches

    Unleashing computing power with new Ethernet.


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CloudEngine 16800 Series Data Center Switches

Built for the intelligent era, Huawei CloudEngine 16800 series switches are powered by an innovative iLossless algorithm that learns and trains network-wide traffic in real-time, eliminating packet loss and maximizing throughput.

Mass Storage

Large Capacity

173/1548 Tbit/s switching capacity, supporting smooth evolution to 400 GE in anticipation of future traffic demand.

Intelligence on Demand

Intelligent Engine

A unique iLossless algorithm learns and trains network-wide traffic in real time, implementing network adaptation and self-optimization. Zero packet loss boosts throughput to 100%.

Intelligent O&M

An intelligent Operations and Maintenance (O&M) platform, supported by telemetry-based data collection in milliseconds, enables fault location within 3 minutes and prediction of 90% of risks.


Parameters CloudEngine 16804 CloudEngine 16808 CloudEngine 16816
Switching Capacity 43/387 Tbit/s2 86/774 Tbit/s2 173/1548 Tbit/s2
Forwarding Performance 11,280 Mpps 22,560 Mpps 45,120 Mpps
Service Slots 4 8 16
Switching Fabric Module Slots  9
Fabric Architecture Clos architecture, cell switching, VoQ
Airflow Design Strict front-to-back airflow design
Virtualization M-LAG
VS (1:16 virtualization)
Cluster Switch System (CSS)
VXLAN and VXLAN bridging
QinQ access VXLAN
Static route, IPv4/IPv6 dynamic route protocol
IP packet fragmentation and reassembly
Reliability Microsegmentation
Hardware-based Bidirectional Forwarding Detection (BFD) 
O&M Telemetry
Programmability Standard NETCONF interface
Ansible-based automatic configuration and open-source module release

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