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    High-Performance Storage (Oil and Gas Exploration) Solution

    The storage solution is designed to streamline oil and gas exploration and increase reserves and production. It achieves this through its high performance, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness.


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High-Performance Storage, the Best Partner for Seismic Data Processing

A set of storage devices provide high bandwidth and IOPS, meeting the requirements of large files for high bandwidth during seismic data processing and IOPS for small files during interpretation and simulation. In addition, intelligent data popularity identification and precise tiered storage greatly improve storage resource utilization and reduce the need for investment.


Superior Performance

Higher Performance for Hybrid Loads

One storage device has superior performance density and supports high bandwidth (32 GB/s) and high IOPS (1.2 million per U).

Integrated Design

Ultra-High Density Design for Lower Costs

High-density and large-capacity hardware (24 disks/U) on top of intelligent tiering for hot and cold data mitigates the need to choose between data value and cost cutting.

Active Tuning

Multi-Protocol Interoperability for More Efficient Data Access

Lossless POSIX/NFS/CIFS/HDFS/S3 interworking with zero data copy helps customers easily implement HPDA- and AI-oriented evolution.


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