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  • ME60 Series Gateways

    ME60 Multiple-Service Control Gateway

    Full service, large capacity, high reliability.


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ME60 Series

The ME60 series is a range of multiple-service control gateways — a type of Broadband Remote Access Server (BRAS) — developed by Huawei to serve as a platform for unified user access and management, and most suitable for industries such as broadcasting, television, and education. Based on a 2T platform, the series boasts the industry’s largest-capacity routing line card (480G) plus a large-capacity NAT service line card (160G), enabling smooth evolution from IPv4 to IPv6.
All-Flash Optimization

Large Capacity

Developed based on a 2T platform, with the industry’s largest capacity routing line cards (480G) plus large capacity Network Address Translation (NAT) service line cards (160G).

High Reliability

Stable operation of services is guaranteed with device-, network-, and service-level reliability and innovative multiple-device hot backups.

Business Continuity

Full-Service Access

Unified platform for user access and management with full support for various access services, including IPoX, PPPoX, 802.1x, and web authentication.








Switching Capacity

50.32 Tbit/s

25.16 Tbit/s

12.58 Tbit/s

7.08 Tbit/s

1.08 Tbit/s

Forwarding Performance

11,520 Mpps

5760 Mpps

5760 Mpps

2880 Mpps

360 Mpps

Number of Slots

22 slots, including 16 LPUs, 2 MPUs, and 4 SFUs

12 slots, including 8 LPUs, 2 SRUs, and 2 SFUs

22 slots, including 16 LPUs, 2 MPUs, and 4 SFUs

11 slots, including 8 LPUs, 2 SRUs, and 1 SFU

5 slots, including 3 LPUs and 2 MPUs

(H x W x D)

1778 x 442 x 650 mm (40 U)

934 x 442 x 650 mm  (21 U)

1420 x 442 x 650 mm (32 U)

620 x 442 x 650 mm (14 U)

175 x 442 x 650 mm (DC 4 U)

220 x 442 x 650 mm (AC 5 U)

Maximum Power Consumption

7220 W (BSUF-240)

9040 W (BSUF-480)

4110 W (BSUF-240)

4770 W (BSUF-480)

4610 W (BSUF-100)

6210 W (BSUF-240)

2340 W (BSUF-100)

3220 W (BSUF-240)

920 W (BSUF-100)

Full Configuration Weight

356 kg

190 kg

279 kg

136 kg

DC: 42 kg (100G)

AC: 52 kg (100G)

Interface Types





  • User access protocols: PPPoE, IPoE, 802.1X, and ND access
  • User authentication protocols: PAP, CHAP, MSCHAP, RADIUS, and HWTACACS
  • User billing protocols: RADIUS, HWTACACS, and COPS
  • User authorization protocols: RADIUS, HWTACACS, COPS, and COA


  • Provides a well-designed HQoS mechanism
  • Provides advanced scheduling and congestion avoidance technologies, accurate traffic policing and shaping, and complex rule definition and fine-grained flow identification
  • Supports MPLS HQoS and ensures QoS for MPLS VPN, VLL, and PWE3 services
  • Supports DiffServ- and MPLS TE-based DS-TE, eight class types (CTs), and TE-tunnel-based QoS
  • Supports a maximum of 768K flow queues per slot

Value-Added Services

  • Supports Destination Address Accounting (DAA), which helps carriers identify services based on destination network segments and perform separate accounting for different services on IP carrier networks
  • Supports Enhanced Dynamic Service Gateway (EDSG), which identifies various user services based on traffic destination addresses and implements independent rate limit, accounting, and management for each service