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Huawei Launches the Financial Cloud-Network Solution to Lay the Cornerstone of Connectivity for Intelligent Finance


[Shanghai, China, June 3, 2021] At the Huawei Intelligent Finance Summit 2021, Huawei launched its all-new Financial Cloud-Network Solution designed to enable financial institutions to build a "stable and high-speed" bimodal architecture. The end goal is to accelerate service innovation, deliver secure and reliable financial services, and lay the cornerstone of connectivity for intelligent finance.

With the rise of innovative services such as Internet finance and inclusive finance, the financial services industry has gradually entered a new era defined by all-scenario intelligent finance. According to the China Banking Industry Service Report 2020 released by the China Banking Association, the number of contactless transactions exceeded 370 billion, the off-counter banking transaction rate reached 90.88%, and a myriad of financial services such as personal credit service all went online.

Today's banking services are transforming from "stable" to "stable + agile". Against this backdrop, banks need to ensure high system reliability and, more importantly, accelerate service innovations, thereby delivering more convenient experience with differentiated financial services. To this end, banks are expected to accelerate digital transformation, in turn posing higher requirements on financial networks.

Kevin Hu, President of Huawei's Data Communication Product Line, launches the Financial Cloud-Network Solution

(Kevin Hu, President of Huawei's Data Communication Product Line, launches the Financial Cloud-Network Solution)

"Huawei's Financial Cloud-Network Solution lays the cornerstone of connectivity for financial institutions who prefer 'stable + agile' infrastructures to inspire their business innovations," said Kevin Hu, President of Huawei's Data Communication Product Line. "This future-proof solution accelerates the provisioning of numerous innovative financial services, delivers diversified and personalized network experience, and boosts O&M efficiency and automation, paving the way toward intelligent finance."

The Financial Cloud-Network Solution reaffirms Huawei's efforts to follow its philosophy of being "digital, intelligent, and service-oriented". This purpose-built solution creates a stable financial network architecture that features the stable network, stable operations and maintenance (O&M), and stable protection, ensuring 24/7 service continuity without compromising financial service security and reliability.

On the other hand, this solution enables an agile architecture characterized by rapid application rollout, rapid branch access to clouds, and rapid cloud-network scheduling, in turn provisioning new services within minutes and improving service innovation efficiency.

Huawei's Financial Cloud-Network Solution delivers innovative offerings in four major scenarios.

Financial Data Center Network (DCN), unleashing new computing power with new Ethernet

Huawei's financial DCN solution takes the lead in the industry by implementing Level-3 autonomous driving network capabilities. Such capabilities realize full-lifecycle network automation to slash time-to-market (TTM) by 90%, offer network-wide intelligent O&M for minute-level fault detection and self-healing, and enable proactive prediction of 90% of faults. Ultimately, this ensures 24/7 financial services.

In addition, lossless computing and storage networks are built based on the all-Ethernet architecture, achieving zero packet loss within a data center and between active-active data centers in the same city. As a result, 100% of computing power is unleashed and fiber lease expenses are slashed.

Financial Wide Area Network (WAN), enabling cloud access upon network access

Huawei's financial WAN solution draws on the unique end-to-end SRv6 technology to enable one-hop cloud access from financial branches. SRv6 outperforms conventional MPLS technology by slashing the number of required protocols from 6 to 2. After merely performing some simple configurations on both ends, SRv6 tunnels can be quickly provisioned to accelerate service provisioning.

By leveraging the intelligent cloud-map algorithm, Huawei's financial WAN solution can flexibly select the optimal cloud access path for each service, effectively improving cloud access efficiency and increasing cloud-network resource utilization by 30%.

All of these solution highlights pave the way for agile and high-quality network connectivity between financial branches, the headquarters, and clouds.

Financial Campus Network, creating one global network

Huawei's Wi-Fi continuous networking solution builds a future-proof Wi-Fi 6 financial campus with full coverage and seamless roaming, providing ubiquitous fully-wireless experience for any user.

Huawei's SD-WAN solution creates one global network with superfast interconnections, facilitating agile interconnection of financial branches around the globe and enabling flexible cloud-network alignment.

Other compelling features include SDN-driven cloud management as well as user- and application-centric intelligent O&M, which serve to greatly improve campus network O&M efficiency. Specifically, intelligent radio calibration boosts the campus network performance by up to 58%, while intelligent O&M predicts 85% of potential faults. The end result is high service stability and reliability.

Zero-trust Financial Network Security, delivering network-wide situational awareness

Cloud-network-security-device synergy makes zero-trust financial network security a reality. With this quality, financial institutions can benefit from end-to-end security protection when it comes to cloud access, cloud connectivity, and even intra-cloud networks. Beyond that, Qiankun security cloud services equip financial institutions with subscription-based security protection capabilities.

At this year's summit, Yu Yafeng, a senior architect from the Network Division of China Construction Bank, spoke about how China Construction Bank pressed ahead with network construction and planning in line with its "New Finance" strategy.

China Construction Bank has already joined forces with Huawei to build an intelligent cloud WAN based on the financial cloud-network philosophy. This new network facilitates fast rollout of a plethora of services, offers diversified service experience for users, and enables flexible access for the bank's organizations — even in complex environments.

Cao Wei, manager of the cloud-network project team at China Merchants Bank, also shed light on the bank's joint innovation with Huawei in the autonomous driving network field. By introducing AI algorithms, the bank has eliminated the efficiency bottleneck of manual O&M and achieved high levels of network automation and intelligence. And in doing so, the bank can supply endless power to digital transformation of today and tomorrow.

Huawei helps financial institutions upgrade their infrastructure, engage in agile innovation, intelligently manage data, provide inclusive services, and upgrade financial services targeting specific industries, helping financial customers go digital faster and become more intelligent.

Huawei Intelligent Finance Summit, hosted by Huawei, is a global ICT event that focuses on the financial services industry. The first summit was held in 2013, and all participants of this summit are elite members of the industry. Huawei Intelligent Finance Summit 2021 will be held from June 3 to 4. Under the theme of "Accelerate Financial Digitalization, New Value Together", we will explore how to accelerate progress toward intelligent finance and create new value together from four perspectives: strategies, business, technologies, and ecosystems.