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    Mobile Finance Solution

    Deploy a one stop pre-integrated solution.


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Fast-Track Customer Acquisition and Revenue Growth

As non-traditional players — in particular Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) and Over The Top (OTT) companies drawn from retail and ecommerce — enter the Financial Services Industry (FSI), super-apps are becoming more commonplace. These new tools integrate a variety of life-style services with payment and financial transaction processing, packaged in a single mobile digital platform that delivers a seamless one-stop customer experience.

This, of course, represents a significant threat to the traditional banking industry, because mass retail, Micro-, Small- and Medium-sized Enterprises (MSMEs), and the growing youth segment increasingly want — indeed, expect — just such an End to End (E2E) mobile experience.

But there's still time to act. The most forward-thinking banks have already begun to innovate customer acquisition and business models. And Huawei's Mobile Finance Solution is providing a platform, allied to an open ecosystem, to do precisely that.

Indeed, the cloud-based, pre-integrated Mobile Finance Solution is now actively supporting banks as they bring successful mobile financial services to market — fast.


benefit 1

Reach New Customer Segments

Launch a Capital Expenditure (CAPEX)-lite digital wallet, which serves as a bank-neutral platform, open to any user.

Reach and onboard new customer segments, friction-free, especially the youth segment, MSMEs, and non-bank customers.

Use innovative marketing, through the rapid testing of new offerings, to attract customers.

benefit 2

Enhance Service Distribution

A lifestyle super-app designed for high engagement, with daily use by end-consumers and merchants, supports cross-selling and up-selling with mobile banking platforms.

Diverse practical tools — such as mini-app, AppCube low-code development, Business to Consumer (B2C) real-time chat, and official account, and marketing campaign templates — further promote user activity.

benefit 3

Reshape Business Models

The value chain is effectively reconstructed by covering a large number of previously inaccessible end-users, MSMEs, and to Business and to Consumer (2B2C) users, building closed-loop or semi closed-loop payment between them.

Partners that are engaged within the app ecosystem benefit through reduced costs and increased user access.


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Key Technologies

Leading Business Capabilities

One-Stop Payment Ecosystem Connection

• A low code/Zero-code mini-app development platform and seven-line code hour-level access.
• Inbuilt mini-app and marketing campaign templates, in partnership with more than 100 service providers.

Retrieval and Optimization

Flexible Configuration and Openness

• Flexible customization of open capabilities, supporting six scenarios (portal, app, interface customization, report and data extraction, service process orchestration, and micro-service orchestration).
• Rapid commercial use and regulatory response of Know your Customer (KYC)/Know Your Business (KYB), product, charge, and limit.

optimize business experience

High Availability and Unlimited Capacity

• A cloud-native solution, striping technology with unlimited capacity, and 99.999% availability.
• 10K-level Transactions Per Second (TPS), day-level expansion, and zero service interruptions.

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