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The Future of the Digital Economy: Built on the Cloud, Fueled by Data, and Driven by AI

Safder Nazir 2021-11-18
The digital economy will contribute to the growth and recovery of economies worldwide, with the cloud and AI playing a central role in the Middle East.

The Tolly Group Founder: Huawei's CloudFabric 3.0 Hyper-Converged DCN Solution Stands Out with Unrivaled Performance

Read The Tolly Group's report on Huawei's lossless Ethernet network — the foundation of the CloudFabric 3.0 Hyper-Converged Data Center Network Solution.

How Digitalization Is Enabling Smarter and Safer Oil and Gas Campus Management

Ли Янмин 2021-11-03
In the face of potential danger on oil and gas fields, the digitalization of oil and gas campus management can lead to a safer, more secure, and more efficient future.

The Digital Economy: The Middle East's New Growth Frontier

Safder Nazir 2021-10-18
Discusses the varying developments and development stages of the digital economy in the Middle East, highlighting best practices from across the region.

Шесть ключевых тенденций цифровой трансформации в финансовой индустрии

Четкая тенденция развития позволит найти простой путь к цифровизации. Финансовой отрасли необходимо и дальше ускорять цифровую трансформацию, чтобы адаптироваться к меняющимся потребностям клиентов и новым бизнес-моделям.

Digital Economy: The Impact on National Transformation and Businesses

Safder Nazir 2021-09-09
The imapct of digital economy, addresses how, in addition to the measurable impact on GDP, how the Digital Economy contributes non-monetary value. Show the importance of digital economy for all the countries in the world and its impact. Discuss the impact of digital economy on governments and businesses and individuals.

Accelerating the Digital Economy: Four Key Enablers

Safder Nazir 2021-07-28
Definition of Digital economy andTalks about the enablers of Digital Economy from a foundational infrastructure, digital infrastructure , regulatory environment, enabling technology and human capital development perspectives.

The Fastest Growing Fiber Internet Service Provider in the Philippines Future-Proofs DCI to Support the Digital Economy

When Converge ICT Solutions brought its fiber broadband technology to Manila, it faced three well-entrenched rivals. Today, it boasts a 50% market share, and is expanding into internet data centers.

Новая движущая сила развития кампусных сетей — идеальное решение в эпоху Wi-Fi 6

Ма Е (Ma Ye) 2019-07-30
Компания Huawei представила базовый коммутатор нового поколения — CloudEngine S12700E и фиксированные коммутаторы серии CloudEngine S, которые предназначены для кампусных сетей будущего.

Три основные причины создания объединенных сетей Wi-Fi и IoT

Чжан Су 2019-12-31
Адаптировать ИКТ-инфраструктуру к постоянно растущим потребностям различных отраслевых предприятий в хранении данных можно только путем объединения устройств Интернета вещей и сетей Wi-Fi.