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Empowering Energy Transition for Industry Players

With the world's major economies announcing net-zero carbon emissions goals, the oil and gas sector must embrace sectoral transition if it is to survive.

Indeed, as consumption declines, enterprises must transform into integrated energy companies with low-carbon asset portfolios. At the same time, they must innovate from within the industry, based on the traditional oil and gas business, integrating carbon-negative technologies. They must also find new partners involved in new kinds of services and technologies, to boost innovation and open new revenue streams.

All of this, of course, is supported by digital transformation, which integrates systems and data across diversified energy sectors, boosting efficiency and ensuring resilience. Only through interconnection and information sharing will coordination between the upstream, midstream, and downstream industrial chains be achieved, optimizing the entire global supply chain.

Huawei cooperates with dedicated industry partners to provide sector-specific Information and Communications Technology (ICT) solutions in all scenarios to enable the transformation that transition now requires, alongside improving safety and productivity. Huawei's innovative solutions — which embrace the oil and gas Internet of Things (IoT), digital pipelines, High-Performance Computing (HPC) and operations management, and intelligent distribution — have already been applied in 45 countries and regions around the world, serving 17 of the global top 20 oil and gas enterprises.




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