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    Optical Communication Network Solution for Power Transmission and Transformation

    Building a Highly Reliable Power Communication Network


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Building a Highly Reliable Next-Generation Power Optical Communication Network to Propel New Power Systems for the
Next Decade

In recent years, as the electric power industry ramps up digital transformation and focuses on building a new electric power system, digital technologies and physical power grids need to be closely integrated to empower energy transformation and improve power grid digitalization. To achieve this, the electric power system needs to leverage advanced digital technologies for coordinating various sensing devices. Adding a large number of sensing devices will inevitably lead to a significant increase in traffic. To cope with this increase in traffic, the power transmission and transformation communication network needs to be upgraded to provide higher bandwidth.

Huawei's optical communication network solution for power transmission and transformation provides secure, stable, and reliable transmission channels for customers' production and management services in the electric power industry. Adhering to the basic principles of "secure area division, dedicated networks, horizontal isolation, and vertical authentication," two networks are constructed: one uses OptiXtrans E series devices to carry production services such as teleprotection; the other uses OptiX OSN series devices to carry management information services such as video services.

Gain the Edge

Continuous Security

Robust reliability

TDM-based 100% physical isolation, improving reliability to 99.9999%

Flexible Installation

Smooth evolution

Inheriting PDH/SDH technologies to comply with existing power systems, and supporting smooth upgrade of live-network services to meet network construction and service bearing requirements in the next decade

Flexible Layout

High flexibility and efficiency

Flexible access of services ranging from 2 Mbit/s to 100+ Gbit/s and hitless bandwidth adjustment, enabling dynamic adjustment without affecting services


The optical communication network for power transmission and transformation is constructed by adhering to the basic principles of "secure area division, dedicated networks, horizontal isolation, and vertical authentication" to carry electric power production and management services. Production services between substations are interconnected using SDH/OSU technologies, while management services are interconnected using OTN/OSU technologies. This ensures secure, stable, and reliable bearing of electric power services. In addition, the OSU technology is future-oriented, supporting construction of new electric power systems and digital transformation of electric power.

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