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    Campus Office Network

    Enjoy an unrivaled experience with simplified, two-layer architecture
    and intelligent O&M.


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Combine the Advantages of IP
and Optical

Increasingly in-demand digital and wireless offices have created an urgent need for flexible networking, stable ultra-broadband connections, ultra-convenient management, and remote access. Enterprises of all shapes and sizes, across all industries, already know this.

Now, the combined native advantages of Internet Protocol (IP) and optical products are redefining campus office networks, resolving traditional pain points, including network instability, inefficient management, and unacceptably high Operating Expenditure (OPEX). Indeed, Huawei's Campus Office Network Solution — characterized by simplified access, architecture, and Operations and Maintenance (O&M), as well as ultimate security — delivers a next-level network experience, eliminating the need for Extra-Low Voltage (ELV) rooms entirely, stamping out any network disconnections, and doing away with the need for data migration.

Gain the Edge

End-to-end Networking

Simplified Architecture

With zero ELV rooms, just two network layers, and optical fibers extending right to the very edge, deployment costs and energy consumption are reduced by 20%. Additionally, E2E hard slicing of the entire network ensures a seamless experience for audio, video, and service control.

Simplified Access

Making network disconnections a thing of the past, high-density, uninterrupted coverage and seamless roaming offer free mobility for devices. With cross-regional access through a single account fostering collaboration — and with up to 30% faster speeds — truly flexible working is now a reality, anytime and anywhere.

Continuous Security

Ultimate Security

Cloud-network-security collaboration and near-source blocking enable quick threat response in seconds. AI optimizes detection effectiveness and facilitates threat model self-evolution.

Simplified O&M

Doing away with the need for data migration, a unified platform and deployment using a Personal Computer (PC), with Huawei's eSight tool, sees the O&M workload tumble by 50%. The Network Cloud Engine (NCE) centrally manages passive optical LANs (POLs) across multiple domains.


A redefined campus network with simplified architecture — where IP and optical networks are managed centrally on the same platform — supports diverse business applications, enabling high-density, high-bandwidth, and long-distance outdoor access.

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Real-World Success